AC Valhalla Vinland Mysteries - Hunter in the Woods to the West Location World Quest

Hunter in the woods to the west in AC Valhalla is one of the world event quests in Vinland, after you complete several main quests in the area. The mission begins in Nyhofn, where you meet a Norse woman looking for the hunter that went to the woods and never came back. Your job, of course, is to find his location. So, that’s exactly what we’ll be showing you in our AC Valhalla Vinland Mysteries – Hunter in the Woods to the West Location World Quest guide.

ac valhalla vinland hunter in the woods to the west location world quest
AC Valhalla Vinland – Hunter in the Woods to the West Location World Quest

Where to Find Hunter in the Woods to the West – AC Valhalla Vinland Mysteries World Quest?

To find the hunter in the woods to the west in the AC Valhalla Vinland Mysteries, you first have to complete the Lunden story arc. After that, you have to pledge to go to Vinland for Randvi. Play through the Vinland quest chain until you get to the native village. Synchronize there, and that should unlock the option to do world events in Vinland.

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One of these world quests is in Nyhofn, aka the place where you arrived to the area. There’s a man sitting next to the fire, and a Norse woman in panic. She’s looking for a hunter, who has gone into the woods to the west, and hasn’t yet come home. That triggers this particular AC Valhalla Vinland Mystery. So, off we go westward into the woods. Be careful, because the forest is full of bears and other wildlife. Eventually, you’ll come across a large hole in the ground. There’s a body down there, and yes, unfortunately, that is the hunter. You can find his exact location in the screenshot below.

where to find hunter in the woods to the west location vinland world quest ac valhalla
Hunter in the woods to the west location (click to enlarge)

So, pick the body up and carry it back to Nyhofn. The Norse woman will mourn over the loss of her brother. In the dialogue with her, you will have a choice to make. It doesn’t exactly matter what you choose to say to comfort her. Pick whatever you feel the Eivor you’re playing as would say. That ends the hunter Vinland Mystery in AC Valhalla.

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