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Campaign For Disarmament is one of the most wanted side missions in Batman: Arkham Knight. It’s one of the three missions that lead to Deathstroke’s arrest.
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During this one, you’ll have to find and disarm explosive devices left all over Gotham City by the militia. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find the explosive devices, how to disarm them and finish the mission.

When you find a mine, you’ll have to upload a virus onto it using Batmobile’s winch. Then, while the virus is doing its thing, you’ll have to defend the area from drone tanks without straying too far. Finally, you will need to cause a controlled explosion to disable the bomb for good.

Bleake Island Explosive Devices

sionis industries explosive deviceUnlocked in chapter 3 – your first encounter with an explosive device will happen while you’re trying to save Oracle from the Arkham Knight. A plane will drop the mine in the middle of the road near Sionis Industries. As this is your tutorial for this activity, you’ll only get attacked by 16 regular drones. Keep strafing and everything will be fine.
bleake island explosive deviceUnlocked during chapter 3, in front of the Falcone Shipping building, east of the GCPD. You’ll get attacked by 20 drones, mostly regular with some of those with a spreading, three-bullet attack. Aim for the latter first, as they can be harder to dodge.
campaign for disarmament bleake islandUnlocked during chapter 7 of the main story. You can find it at the roundabout in Chinatown. You’ll have to deal with 32 drones. Most of them are regular, but there’s also quite a few choppers and several tri-shooters. Concentrate on the helicopters first – they’re the easiest to kill, but can also be the most trouble if left alone.
bleake island explosive ordnance campaign for disarmamentUnlocked in chapter 9, in the canale in central Bleake Island. You’ll be attacked by 48 drones – mostly the basic variety, with some dual shooters, tri-shooters, rocket launchers and choppers. The space is somewhat narrow, so be prepared to dodge a lot. Drone hacking is a good skill to have in this fight.

Miagani Island Explosive Devices

miagani island explosive deviceUnlocked in chapter 3. It’s on the roundabout in the eastern part of the island, in front of the Lacey’s store. You’ll be attacked by 24 drones – several tri-shooters accompanied by a bunch of regulars. Focus your fire on the tri-shooters first and you’ll be fine.
arkham knight miagani island landmineUnlocked during chapter 3, this one is under the overpass north of Miagani Botanical Gardens. You’ll be attacked by 22 drones, mostly regular, but some of them with homing missiles. Shoot the rockets with the Vulcan cannon to avoid damage, and deal with the rocked launchers first.
campaign for disarmament miagani islandShows up in chapter 5. It is located beneath the red tower east of Pinkney Orphanage. You’ll be greeted by 25 drones of different varieties. The regular ones are accompanied by tri-shooters, dual-shooters and a few that fire homing missiles. Focus on the homing ones – they do the most damage. You can intercept their rockets with the Vulcan cannon.
miagani island landmine defuseAccessible in chapter 7 and later, this one is next to a parking garage in Kingston. You’ll have to deal with 22 drones, mostly tri-shooters and dual-shooters. Stay alert and keep moving throughout the whole fight. Having the drone hacking upgrade would help here.
miagani island militia ordnance landmineUnlocked during chapter 9, in the eastern part of the island. There will be 36 drones to deal with, ranging from basic to tri-shooters. There is little cover here, so you’ll have to dodge as good as you can.

Founders’ Island Explosive Devices

campaign for disarmament founders islandUnlocked during chapter 5. It can be found on a crossroads between Penitence Bridge and Otisburg. You’ll have to fight off 33 drones – regular, tri-shooters, choppers and rocket launchers. Concentrate on the choppers and missile launchers first – they’re the easiest to kill and the hardest to dodge.
founders island explosive deviceUnlocked in chapter 5 of the main story. It’s in front of the Urbarail station on Ryker Hights. There are 24 drones to be shot, most of which are the basic kind. There will be some tri-shooters, too.
founders island side mission landmineAccessible during and after chapter 5. In an underground tunnel in the northwestern part of the island, under the airships. There will be 48 drones attacking you, mostly choppers and rocket launchers. Watch out for the height difference.
founders island disarm landmineUnlocked in chapter 7, this one can be found on a construction site in the northeastern part of the island. You’ll be attacked by 32 drones of all kinds – basic, tri-shooters, rocket launchers and choppers. It is highly recommended to get the drone hacking upgrade for the Batmobile before attempting this.
arkham knight founders island  explosive deviceUnlocked during chapter 9 of the main story, at the entrance to Port Adams. There will be 40 drones attacking you. It wil be mostly choppers, with some dual shooters, tri shooters and rocket launchers. There’s not a lot of space here, but there is plenty of cover. Use your missile barrage whenever you can.

Deathstroke Fight

When you finish Occupy Gotham, Own the Roads and this mission, you’ll get the chance to fight Deathstroke. It’s a tank battle, and you’ll face Slade and five drones. He has 360 degrees vision – you can’t sneak up on him. You can safely ignore the drones – go straight for the boss’ tank, and shoot down his missiles with the Vulcan cannon. When the others start locking onto you, drive around a corner. If you’ve invested a little in Batmobile’s armor, you shouldn’t have a problem with this fight.

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