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Founders’ Island is the third part of Gotham you’ll unlock in Batman: Arkham Knight. As before, there will be Riddler Trophies waiting for you, hidden in curious places, waiting to be snatched. Getting them will unlock concept art, background stories and grant you WayneTech points. In this guide, we’re going to show you the locations of Founders’ Island Riddler Trophies and how to get them.

We’ve also prepared these other trophy location guides:

Riddler Trophy Locations

founders' island riddler trophy locations
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Getting your Batmobile onto the island is imperative – you’ll need it to tear down walls and pull on stuff. After that, it’s all a matter of closely inspecting designated locations. Happy gliding!

Puzzle Trophy Locations

These trophies can be a bit harder to obtain – some of them are accessible only after finishing certain missions or acquiring gadgets and upgrades. They are represented by yellow marks on our map.

Subway Tunnel Trophies

founders island subway riddler trophies
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There’s an underground tunnel you’ll get to access during one of the main story missions, with several trophies inside. We’ve marked the entrance to the tunnel with a red “E” on our map.
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  1. S

    This guide is absolutely useless.

    1. J

      Have you made a guide?

  2. D

    How do you exit the subway tunnels in Founders. I collected all the trophies there after finishing the game but cant find the way out. game doesnt save after the last trophy for me to exit either. help anyone?

  3. Y

    You just left out trophy 10 completely ignored it.

  4. B

    Where the hell did you go to get to 26? When I follow the question marks it leads to a fan in the ceiling above the tunnel. There is no trail leading to a building.

    1. This sounds like its a Founders Island N. 30 trophy?

    2. R

      No. 26 you will have to jump out of Batmobile into the fan and call the mobile to you to finish with the trail.

  5. K

    Actually on number 24 if you release the winch from the batmobile you can use the line launcher to cross over the red switches. That’s much easier than trying to glide into the room.

  6. K

    Number 26 takes you to a man hole. Grapple up to see its location then start the scan again once it’s at the man hole race back to it with the batmobile and start scanning immediately.

  7. T

    How is this numbered? I can’t seem to find the ones that I need and I’m not gonna look in every single spot…

  8. A

    HUGE thanks for this, I needed the a trophy and a riddle on this island and wasn’t getting the locations from interrogating, found the trophy in Pyg’s place and as I enter I realize the riddle I’m missing is also in there. 🙂

  9. C

    Dan, you need to drive ALL the way back to the very beginning, get on the elevator ramp, and fire at a thingy and rev the engine. Get out and use detective mode if you cannot find the thingy. It drove me crazy til i found it.

    I need help with 29b. If i jump over on the ramp, then you cannot get the target to appear as you have left scanning mode in battle mode and i cannot jump in battle mode???

  10. D

    Has anyone get the trophy you see right as you come from Miagani I could use some pointers

  11. D

    Or the one that in the jungyard in the grabby dodad

  12. S

    hi I’ve end this game and riddler challenges but I just could find 238 trophy from 243 and I need a marked thug to locate the 5 else trophy but I can not find a marked thug and I can not find the trophies how can I locate these trophies?

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