Biomutant Break Metal Wall to Third Moth Nest in the Outpost

Breaking metal walls in Biomutant to get to the third nest in the Mitre Mop & Sknapptrutt Outposts are obstacles that you have to destroy in order to proceed with the mission. Moreover, you’ll encounter these crumbling walls all over the open world, and getting rid of them can unlock access to a bunch of secrets and loot. That’s why we’ll be showing you how to break walls in Biomutant and get to the Third Moth Nest in the Outpost guide.

biomutant break metal wall to third moth nest in the outpost
Biomutant Break Metal Wall to Third Moth Nest in the Outpost

How to Break Metal Wall in Biomutant Mitre Mop & Sknapptrutt Outpost

To break metal walls in Biomutant in the Mitre Mop & Sknapptrutt Outposts, the first order of business is to equip the Old World Konkfist. Open your Melee weapon wheel (right on the d-pad on consoles, the “3” key on PC) and select the fist to equip it. After you’ve done this, the game will automatically target the breakable wall. Then, approach the wall and charge the fist up. You do this by holding the right-click on PC and Square on PlayStation (I assume that would be X on Xbox). Once it’s charged up, let go of the button, and you’ll slam the target and break a piece of it off. Repeat the cycle of charging and hitting until you break the wall completely. Then, simply proceed with your mission.

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how to destroy metal walls in biomutant
Select the Old World Klonkfist and charge it to break the wall

By the way, you use the same system to destroy Biomutant metal walls wherever you find them, not just in the outposts. Keep an eye out for them, because they can sometimes open alternate routes, and even give you access to cool loot and whatnot. They’re not always just a minor obstacle in main quests. And that’s about it. If you need help with something else in the game, check out some of our other guides. Among other stuff, we’ve written articles like Biomutant Charisma – Is the Charisma Stat Beneficial, Dark Red or Light Blue Choice at the Beginning, and Breeds Character Creation Guide – Choose Best Breed for Your Class.

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