Bloodborne Abandoned Old Workshop Secret Location Guide

Abandoned Old Workshop is a secret area in Cathedral Ward section of Bloodborne that looks exactly the same as Hunter’s Dream, only it’s real. You can get a set of Doll Clothes there, identical to the ones the Abandoned Doll in the Hunter’s Dream wears.
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There are a couple of interesting items too, some of which are supposedly important for ending the game the “right” way. When you first enter this area, you’ll get a rare, Bloodborne silver trophy called The Source Of The Dream. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get to the Abandoned Old Workshop, where to find the Doll Clothes Armor Set, One Third Of Umbilical Cord, Old Hunter Bone and Small Hair Ornament.

How To Find Abandoned Old Workshop Secret

Before you can do any of this, you need to kill the Blood-starved Beast.

Head right and walk around until you reach a gap.

You’ll have to walk as slowly as you can, or else you’ll miss the intended landing spot and dive into certain death.
When you walk through the door, you’ll get the silver trophy called The Source Of The Dream.

Here’s a video guide showing how to get there:

How To Get Doll Clothes Armor Set

doll clothes set location 6Go to the place where the Messenger Bath is in Hunter’s Dream. The Doll Clothes will be waiting for you in the chest. There are four piece in the set – it is still unclear whether they can be used for anything, but they look positively lavish, and are quite pricey. If you decide to sell them, you’ll net a sweet 35,000 Blood Echoes for the whole set.

doll clothes set

One Third Umbilical Cord

This item can be found on the altar inside the house in Abandoned Old Workshop. It is unclear how exactly it’s used, but it supposedly plays a part in getting an alternative ending to the game, along with two similar items (the other two thirds of the umbilical cord). Hold onto it.

Old Hunter Bone

The bone can be found in a grave next to the rear entrance to the house. It lets you use Quicksilver Bullets to speed up your rolls and dodges. It is targeted more towards Arcane build characters since it requires a minimum of 15 in Arcane stat for you to be able to use it.

Small Hair Ornament

The Small Hair Ornament looks like a comb. You can find it in the cupboard in the house, between the fireplace and the storage chest. You can give it to the Doll in Hunter’s Dream, and she’ll give you a Tear Stone in return. You can use this Tear stone to get a Blood Gem.

We’l update the guide as we discover more information about the way you can use all of these items.


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