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a call beyond look and stats

Special Hunter Tools Locations Guide

Special Hunter Tools are rare items you can get in Bloodborne. They require a lot of Arcane to wield and spend Quicksilver Bullets when used….

one third of umbilical cord location

Iosefka’s Clinic Guide

Iosefka’s Clinic is an important area in Bloodborne. It is located right next to the place where you start the game, although you need to…

one third of umbilical cord

One Third Of Umbilical Cord Locations

One Third Of Umbilical Cord is a special item in Bloodborne. If you collect three of them and use them before you talk to Gehrman…

black church armor exact location

Black Church Armor Set Location Guide

Black Church armor set is a bundle of clothes found in the Cathedral Ward in Bloodborne. It offers high poison resistance, so it’s great to…

yahar'gul set equipped

Yahar’gul Armor Set Location Guide

The Yahar’gul armor set (also known as Reaper armor) is a collection of clothes you can find in Bloodborne, in Yahar’gul, Unseen Village. It has…