Bloodborne Caryll Runes locations and how to use runes guide

Bloodborne Caryll Runes are items which players can use to add different bonuses to their characters. These items can boost your character stats, enhance weapons, or even help you acquire more Blood Echoes.
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You can memorize up to 4 runes from your inventory at a time, but don’t worry, you can easily switch the runes anytime you want at the Memory Altar in Hunter’s Dream.

How to use Caryll Runes

Before you can equip any rune on your character, you have to obtain Rune Workshop Tool. After defeating the fifth boss The Witch of Hemwick in Hemwick Charnel Lane, a door behind the boss unlocks. Go down the stairs and you’ll find the Rune Workshop Tool item on a skeleton. Once you go back to the Hunter’s Dream, this item will let you memorize runes at the Memory Altar.

Caryll Runes locations and effects

CommunionHigher Blood Vial Maximum. Max vials held up (+1); (+2); (+3);Cathedral Ward, Iosefka’s Clinic, Lecture Building 2nd Floor
communion Caryll Rune
Location 1
Location: 1) After defeating the Blood Starved Beast, a new door opens in the Cathedral Ward (it is located right of where you spawn at the Ward). Use the elevator and kill the wheelchair enemy on the upper floor. The rune can be found in a chest in that room.
Communion Rune Bloodborne
Location 2
Location: 2) Once you defeat Rom, the Vacuous Spider, you can get back to the game’s starting area – Iosefka’s Clinic. You can do this from the Forbidden Woods. You have to find the caves and inside, there should be a rather tall ladder. The rune is inside the chest on the first floor.
Communion Rune in Bloodborne
Location 3
Location: 3) When you kill The One Reborn in Yahar’gul and interact with objects within the boss area, you’ll get teleported to the 2nd floor of the Lecture Building. The rune’s location is within this area, above the 1st floor lecture hall, inside a small room.
Formless OedonHigher Quicksilver Bullet max. Max QS bullets held UP +1 to +4Cathedral Ward
Formless Oedon Caryll Rune
Location 1
Location: 1) There is a creepy NPC next to the Cathedral Ward Lamp called the Chapel caretaker. You can kill it and he will drop this rune. Talk to him beforehand to unlock bringing people back to Oedon Chapel.
Formless Oedon 2 Caryll Rune Location: 2) After killing the Blood Starved Beast go to the Cathedral Ward and go through the right door and up the elevator. On your way up you can roll dodge through a hidden doorway. You’ll find yourself on a rooftop. Walk the only path until you reach the Chapel’s balcony with a chest on it. Rune is inside it. This is a +4 QS bullets rune.
HeirVisceral attacks grant more Blood Echoes.Yahar’gul, Unseen Village
Location: 1)
Heir Rune Bloodborne
Kill the golden hunter to get the rune.
Obtained after you encounter the hunter with Eileen the Crow (read this guide on how to activate this). Kill the golden hunter to get the rune as loot.
Location: 2) Just slightly past the Yahar’gul, Unseen Village lantern, you can head down the stairs and go to the left side to find a set of enemies. Fight your way through them to a celled area. Head out of here and through the destroyed wall into another celled area. Follow the room around to find the rune against some cell bars.
MoonAcquire more Blood Echoes. More echoes from slain enemies.Yahar’gul, Unseen Village
(Hypogean Gaol)
Moon Caryll Rune From Yahar’gul, Unseen Village Lamp (called Hypogean Gaol when you teleport from Hunter’s Dream tombstone) go downstairs to where the two Death Dealers are at. Corpse beneath their feet contains the Moon rune.
BeastBoost effect of temporary transformation. Temp. boost to transform +20 (+50)Cathedral Ward
(Healing Church Workshop),
Cathedral Ward
(Forbidden Woods prereq.)
Beast Caryll Rune In the Cathedral Ward go through the right door after you slain the Blood Starved beast and up the elevator and across the bridge to the Healing Church Workshop. Head right instead of going inside and drop off the ledge. You’ll need to follow the ledges here all the way down. Here’s a video showing how: Once you reach the bottom slowly approach the werewolf enemy at the door for an easy kill. He drops the rune.

Beast plus 50 Caryll Rune In the Forbidden Woods, after you defeat the guy firing a cannon, you will enter a big mill. You need to get all the way upstairs (you have to jump out through an opening to the outer edge of the mill and climb back up a ladder, walk across the mill’s gears, and up another passage until you are on the roof of the mill) and get to the roof overlooking the mill’s entrance. There’s an NPC eating something on the ground there. Tell him to go to Oedon Chapel for safety (or Iosefca’s for that matter). Once you go back to Cathedral ward the NPC will be just outside the building leaning on a carriage there. If you leave him there for a while other NPCs you saved will start to die. You can attack him right away and he will transform into a beast. Kill the beast for +50 Beast rune.
LakeIncreases defense. Boosts physical defense (+3%).Hemwick Charnel Lane
Caryll Rune Bloodborne Lake
From the main gate that represents the shortcut, continue forward.
Obtained from a corpse near the lake in Hemwick Charnel Lane. Corpse is located on the edge of a rock platform. You can find this spot if you head straight from the main shortcut gate.
Fading LakeFire DMG Reduction +5%Nightmare Frontier
Bloodborne Fading Lake Caryll Rune
Above the nearby poisonous lake.
Once you find yourself in Nightmare Lands keep following the area to your left. Just before the first large poisonous lake there is a side path. You have to make a jump to land 100% safe on the other side of a path. At the end of it, there is a rune overlooking nearby lake.
Clear Deep SeaAdd slow poison RES +100Nightmare Frontier,
Forbidden Woods
Location 1.
Bloodborne Clear Deep Sea Caryll Rune
On the hill, close to the nearby rock thrower enemy.
If you are at the location of the previous rune you should see the nearby lake. The next rune is on the hill, where the enemy that throw rocks is positioned. It glows brightly and you can spot it as you enter this area.
Location 2.
Clear Deep Sea Forbidden Woods Caryll Rune
Location 2
When you enter the area of Forbidden Woods with all the snakes, keep going along the right edge, away from the main path. You will face many enemies along the way, but there is going to be an upward path with a Huge snake cluster waiting on the top. Behind the snakes is the rune, on a corpse.
Clockwise MetamorphosisBoost max HP +5%Nightmare Frontier,
Forbidden Woods
Location 1.
Bloodborne Clockwise Metamorphosis Rune
The first cave after the large stone bridge.
As you find your way on the giant stone bridge near the start of the Nightmare Frontire you should spot and enter small cave tunnel entrance at the end of this bridge. Keep to your right and descend down. Rune is on the dead body, on the cave balcony, just above the poisoned pond.
Location 2.Clockwise Metamorphosis Forbidden Woods Caryll Rune In the snake filled part of Forbidden Woods go along the main path until you reach the spot where there is a huge pig to the left. Go right of there to the edge and follow the edge until you see a drop into an area with a single enemy, a gate, and a huge tombstone like monument across the gate. There is a corpse there containing this rune.
Great Deep SeaAdd all types of RES +100Nightmare Frontier
Bloodborne Great Deep Sea Caryll Rune
Once you are inside the cave, keep to your left.
Just before the small bridge that leads to the Frontier main boss Amygdala there is a small area with poisonous water. Within that area there is a cave entrance. Go inside the cave and keep to your left. Inside the larger cave room with two/three harder “squid” looking enemies is the location of the Great Deep Sea.
Deep SeaAdd frenzy RES +200Forbidden Woods
Deep Sea Forbidden Woods Caryll Rune When you enter the snake infested part of the Forbidden Woods go along the main path. You will fight a huge snake cluster with 4 small ones on the path. Right of that spot is a hole in the ground inside which are two big snake clusters and several corpses with loot. Kill the snake clusters using close range attacks for best effect and loot the rune from one of the corpses.
Anti-Clockwise MetamorphosisBoosts max stamina +10%Forbidden Woods, Lecture Building
Anti Clockwise Metamorphosis Caryll Rune
Location 1
Location: 1) In the snake infested part of the Woods take the main path until you reach the part of the road blocked by a giant snake cluster and 4 little ones. This is just after you pass some red shining stones to your right. You can sneak behind this group of snakes and as you approach their back you will see a hidden path that takes you off a cliff. You can safely jump down there a few times and stay on that road until you come across the creatures in the screenshot. You’ll find the rune on a corpse behind them.
Anti Clockwise Metamorphosis Bloodborne Rune Lecture Building
Location 2
Location: 2) As you kill The One Reborn in Yahar’gul and interact with objects within the boss area, you’ll get teleported to the 2nd floor of the Lecture Building. You can use ladders here to return to the 1st floor and talk to a weird spider. Whether you decide to let it live or kill it, you’ll receive this rune.
Dissipating LakeBolt DMG reduction +5%Forbidden Woods
Dissipating Lake Caryll RuneWhen going to Shadows of Yharnam via two elevator shortcut you will come across a lake that has a huge pig patrolling the area. You will see some over-sized tree roots coming out of the water. Bellow them, among several lower level enemies, is the Dissipating Lake rune.
Blood RaptureV.ATKs restore HP (+200), +300Forbidden Woods,
Grand Cathedral
Blood Rapture Caryll Rune When you kill Shadows of Yharnam boss this will drop from them as a reward.
Blood Rapture Eileen the crow Caryll Rune
Location 2
You need to do the last step of Eileen the Crow questline successfully to be able to fight the hunter of hunters that holds this rune. Once you defeat him you can loot your reward.
Arcane LakeArcane DMG reduction (+5%) +7%Yahar’gul – Advent Plaza, Byrgenwerth
Arcane Lake Yahar'gul Bloodborne
Location 1
Location: 1) There is a huge alley in front of a boss called The One Reborn. Within the same alley, just before the area where you fight the boss is a large train wagon. A dead body with the rune is next to it, near a fire.
Arcane Lake Rune Bloodborne
Location 2
Location: 2) As you enter Byrgenwerth from the Forbidden Woods, keep going to your left. The rune is in the corner of this area, next to the large tree and an enemy that likes to feed on your brain. It is located on a dead body.
EyeMore items from fallen enemiesNightmare of Mensis,
Eye Caryll Rune Bloodborne
Location 1
Location: 1) After you kill The One Reborn in Yahar’gul, you’ll be able to enter the Lecture Building 2nd Floor. From here, you can enter the Nightmare of Mensis. Just before the first lamp in this area (called Mergo’s Loft: Base), there are two strong Giants looking at the rune.
Eye Rune Bloodborne
Location 2
Location: 2) Just before you have to jump into the water from the balcony to meet Rom, the Vacuous Spider boss, there is a strange old man in a rocking chair, pointing in the direction of the boss. If you kill the old man, he drops this rune.
ClawmarkUps visceral attack ATK +20%Central Yharnam
Clawmark Rune BloodborneOnce Rom, the Vacuous Spider is dead, head back to the starting area and the lamp of Central Yharnam. You should find a broken window there, near the first red lantern. The creature that comes out of this room drops the rune upon death.
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