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Special Hunter Tools are rare items you can get in Bloodborne. They require a lot of Arcane to wield and spend Quicksilver Bullets when used.
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They provide great assistance – one lets you speed up your dodges, another heals your allies in battle, etc. When you collect all nine of them, you’ll unlock the golden trophy Hunter’s Craft. In this guide, we’ll show you the locations of all the Special Hunter Tools, as well as their stats.

They are scattered throughout different areas, most of them hidden in hard to reach places. Some of them are in optional zones you can completely miss while still finishing the game. We’re going to list them in the same order we got them in.

Here’s a video guide showing locations of all Special Hunter Tools, but screenshot guide bellow has full walkthroughs and explanations how to find them all:

Old Hunter Bone Location

The Old Hunter Bone requires 15 Arcane to use. When activated, it will use up 6 bullets and greatly increase your dodging speed.

The bone is located in a secret area called Abandoned Old Workshop. To get there, you must defeat the Blood-starved Beast, then go to Cathedral Ward. Use the door on the right to get to the Healing Church Workshop. Go right and jump down to find the entrance. You need to walk slowly to the left, into the abyss, to drop onto a platform with the door. Go through the door – the Old Hunter Bone is in a grave next to the back entrance to the house.

Detailed guide: Abandoned Old Workshop.

Augur Of Ebrietas Location

The Augur of Ebrietas can be used if you have 18 Arcane and 1 bullet at your disposal. It makes you shoot a bunch of snakes out of your palm, dealing high damage to the targeted enemy.

augur of ebrietas look and stats
The augur can be found on the lower floor of the Lecture Building. To get there, you’ll need the Tonsil Stone from an NPC in the Forbidden Woods first. She lives in the hut next to the village. Then, you need to go to Cathedral Ward, and take the last turn right before the building Vicar Amelia is in. Follow the path off the cliff, into the chapel with a sacrificial bowl in the middle. Try to open the door opposite the entrance. A giant hand will reach down, grab you and kill you. If you have the Tonsil Stone, you’ll awaken at the Lecture building. If you don’t you’ll end up in Cathedral Ward again.

There are two large lecture halls on the lower floor. Once you enter the hallway, you need to go through the first door on the left. Once inside the lecture hall, you’ll see a dead body sitting behind a desk – take the Lecture Hall Key from him. Now go back to the hallway, and go to the opposite side, using the key to enter the other lecture hall. Once inside, go into the side room. The Augur Of Ebrietas is inside the chest.

Messenger’s Gift Location

If you have 10 Arcane and a bullet, The Messenger’s Gift can briefly transform you into a Messenger. While this is useless when you play by yourself, it’s a great camouflage for PvP.

messenger's gift look and stats
This item is located in the Nightmare Frontier. Be sure to bring sedatives with you, to help with Frenzy attacks. When you exit the cave, go left until you reach a large stone pillar. Go past it, jump down the cliff and go under the big bridge. Cross the small bridge, then jump off the ledge to the left, into the poison lake. Go forward until you see a cave. There are enemies with frenzy attacks in there, so prepare your sedatives. Enter the right fork (behind the fallen pillar), and keep to the right until you reach a dead body with the item.

Beast Roar Location

Beast Roar requires 20 Arcane and 3 bullets to use. When used, it emits a blast wave that knocks down enemies around you.

beast roar look and stats
When you spawn at the Forbidden Woods lamp, cross the bridge, follow the road and turn right when you can. When you see yellow flowers to your left, jump down and go through them. Go down the slope, to the right. You’ll see a village in front of you. Go left, following the wall, through the area with the dog cages. Pass behind the houses, then enter the barn in front of you. The item will be on the dead body.

Empty Phantasm Shell

Empty Phantasm Shell gives your weapon Arcane damage for a limited time when used. It requires 15 Arcane and 3 bullets.

empty phantasm shell look and stats
The shell is located on the top floor of the Byrgenwerth building. When you go up the first set of stairs, a very dangerous hunter will attack you. You can escape him by climbing the ladder. Ascend another two sets of stairs, and open the chest.

Executioner’s Gloves

Executioner’s Gloves require 20 Arcane and 3 bullets to use. When used, they shoot out three homing missiles that deal over 400 damage to the target.

executioner's gloves look and stats
These can be found in Forgotten Cainhurst Castle. Go between the statues and ride the elevator. Turn left, go through the dining hall and up the stairs. Go straight until you reach the end of the gallery, then turn left and run to the windows. The rightmost one is open – exit through it. Use the ledges to drop down to the balcony safely. Enter the castle again and go right. The gloves will be in a chest in the corner.

Tiny Tonitrus Location

Tiny Tonitrus requires 25 Arcane and 6 bullets to use. It shoots bolts of lightning that pass through enemies, damaging everyone in a straight line.

tiny tonitrus look and stats
Travel to the Yahar’gul Chapel lamp, then leave through the door behind you. Go up the stairs and across the plaza. Before the next set of stairs, drop down through the hole in the fence on the left. Jump off the terrace, and go through the door on your left. Beware – there are two large enemies and one with a Gatling gun inside. Once you deal with them, open the chest to find the item.

Choir Bell

The Choir Bell requires 20 Arcane and 10 bullets to use, and heals all party members – a great item for co-op.

choir bell look and stats
Make sure you have sedatives on you before you start searching for this one. Spawn at the middle lamp in Mergo’s Loft. Go outside and up the stairs on your left. When you reach the top, go right and ride the elevator down. Jump off at the first window. Go left and look out through the windows until you see a walkway with a bunch of skulls. Cross it – use the sedatives when necessary, to counter the frenzy attacks. Go through the door, then look for another on the opposite wall. When you go down the stairs, jump through the hole in the ground. Look around you until you see a chest. It is guarded by enemies with frenzy attacks, and the Choir Bell is inside it.

A Call Beyond

A Call Beyond is a spell that requires 40 Arcane and 8 bullets to cast. When used, it fires a dozen bolts that automatically go after your enemies.

a call beyond look and stats
First, you need to get the Upper Cathedral Key, next to where you got Tiny Tonitrus. Spawn in Yahar’gul Chapel, turn around and run up the stairs. Go across the plaza, and jump off the ledge before the stairs. Turn around and walk through the door. Find the hole in the railing and jump down into the cage. The key will be on the body. You also need the Orphanage Key, which you’ll get from the brain-sucking enemies in Upper Cathedral.

Awaken at Upper Cathedral. Go up the stairs, to the left. Walk through the door, into the dark room. Turn right, through the hallway, and into the large foyer. Go down the stairs and open the door on the other side using the Orphanage Key. Go left, up the stairs, across the bridge. When you enter the garden, you’ll have to fight Celestial Emissary. After the fight, when the lamp spawns, break the window behind it. Enter the building through it, and look for a corpse on the railing. He has the spell.


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