Dark Souls 3 Different Endings

There are three endings you can get after you finish Dark Souls 3. They’re all very different – the outcome you’ll get depends on choices you’ve made during your playthrough, as well as the ultimate choice that happens after you kill the final boss.
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This guide will show you all Dark Souls 3 endings and how to unlock them.

To Link The First Flame

After you defeat Soul of Cinder, the final boss, approach the bonfire left behind by him and interact with it. A dialogue will pop-up, asking you if you’re sure you want to. Choosing YES will trigger this ending, in which your character links the flame and becomes the next Lord of Cinder. You are engulfed by flame as you become one with it. The world keeps on turning and disaster is averted for another few centuries. If you don’t think of the status quo as a disaster, of course.

The End of Fire

You’ll need to grab the Fire Keeper Eyes from the hidden room in Untended Graves if you want this one. Once you’ve got them, bring them to the Fire Keeper in Firelink Shrine. She’ll drop a few ominous lines, letting you know that what you’re about to do is A Bad Thing.

Once you’ve killed Soul of Cinder, you’ll see a white summoning sign next to his bonfire. Use it to call upon the Fire Keeper. She will approach the bonfire without a word and snuff out the First Flame. This will cause all the land to go dark. She will offer a glimpse of hope, though, saying tiny flames will appear one day.

Secret Ending

There is a secret ending that doesn’t reward you with an achievement, but is nonetheless unique. It is triggered by doing what you would for the End of Fire – giving the eyes to the Fire Keeper and summoning her after you kill the final boss.

It branches out once she starts doing her thing at the bonfire. The camera will slowly pan to the place where it usually rests while you play. At the end of this movement, you’ll regain control over your character. Use this opportunity to strike down the Fire Keeper. This will trigger the secret ending.

The Usurpation of Fire

This one is the most complicated. It’s easy to miss some of the steps required for it to trigger, so you’d best be on your toes. First of all, you’ll need to finish the questline of Anri of Astora, in a way that involves Yuria of Londor and unholy marriage. Once that is done, proceed towards the end of the game.

When you kill Soul of Cinder, simply interact with the bonfire as you would anyway. You’ll drop dead as soon as you touch it – don’t worry, you’ll wake up soon enough. The sun will be a different hue and half of Londor will be at your feet, begging you to restore their kingdom to its former glory.

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