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Anri of Astora is one of the more important NPCs in Dark Souls 3. Anri’s gender depends on that of your character (always opposite), and there are several endings to his/her story.
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One of them leads to the Usurpation of Fire secret ending. This guide will show you where to find Anri of Astora as you progress through the game, how to finish her quests.

Anri Wedding Quest / Usurpation of Fire

  1. First you’ll need to bring Yoel of Londor to Firelink Shrine. You’ll find him near the first bonfire after defeating Vordt of the Boreal Valley.

  2. Once he’s at the shrine, talk to him and choose the Draw Out True Strength option. It will give you a free level-up and a Dark Sigil. You mustn’t heal the Dark Sigil at any time! Kill yourself twice, then choose the option again. Repeat the process until you’ve leveled up five times. Yoel will die after you leave and be replaced by Yuria of Londor. Talk to her.

  3. Now it’s time to meet Anri. You’ll find her at the Halfway Fortress bonfire in Road of Sacrifices – it’s the one after the canyon with the crow-people. Exhaust all dialogue options with both her and Horace.

  4. After you’ve killed Deacons of The Deep, Anri & Horace will appear at Firelink Shrine. Talk to them there.

  5. Once you enter the Catacombs of Carthus, look for Anri again. You’ll meet her here twice, and you have to do this before killing Wolnir. After you cross the bridge, go right. Follow the path until you see Anri in a corridor. Talk to her.

  6. Your second meeting place will be above the hanging bridge. Use the rocky path to the right to get to Anri and talk.

  7. Destroy the hanging bridge and use it as a ladder to go down. Descend through the Demon Ruins to get to the Smoldering Lake. Follow the right coast until you see a cave. Go through it and you’ll reach Horace. You need to kill him – he wields a halberd and a parry shield, so be careful.

  8. Go back to Anri above the hanging bridge and tell her about Smoldering Lake. She’ll give you the Ring of The Evil Eye.
  9. Your next meeting will occur in Irithyll of The Boreal Valley, before the fight with Pontiff Sulyvahn. You’ll find her next to the Church of Yorshka bonfire. Talk to her.

  10. Travel to Firelink Shrine and talk to Yuria. Exhaust all the dialogue options, until you hear that your spouse awaits you.
  11. Go to the Darkmoon Tomb in Anor Londo. From the Pontiff arena, go up the stairs across the courtyard, then climb the arches all the way up. The entrance to the tomb will be on the left, near the rotating bridge.

  12. Talk to the pilgrim outside the tomb – he’ll give you the Sword of Avowal. Proceed inside and start the ceremony. If you return to the tomb afterwards, you’ll find Anri’s Straight Sword near the sarchophagus.

This will unlock the Usurpation of Fire ending. Once you beat the final boss and activate the bonfire, you’ll get the special cutscene.

Anri Alternate Quest Ending

If you don’t want Anri to end up with a sword through her face, there an alternative quest ending you can pursue. Ignore the first two steps – the ones with Yoel and Yuria. You can use him to gain free levels, but it doesn’t matter for the quest. Do steps 3-9 from the list above, then the following:

  1. After you’ve talked to Anri in the Church of Yorshka, look around the room. There will be a bunch of statues by the entrance. Approach them and start swinging your weapon. One of them is a servant of Londor in disguise. When you kill him, you’ll save Anri from being abducted.
  2. When you reach Anor Londo, look for a summoning sign in the Cathedral, to the right from the main entrance. There will be a prism stone next to it. This is Anri’s sign. If you use it, it will be as if she summoned you, so you’ll help her defeat Aldrich.
  3. Travel to Firelink Shrine and talk to Ludleth. He will give you Anri’s sword, saying she passed through and left it for you.
  4. If you go back to where you fought Horace, you’ll find Anri by his grave. She’ll attack you without a word.




  1. F

    is it possible to get Anri’s sword and do the Usurper ending?

    1. A

      Yes, once you do the Rite in Darkmoon Tomb, TP back to Firelink and then come back, the sword will be where you “married” Anri.

  2. J

    I’m stuck at Step 10.

    I did everything from 1-9 but Yuria just keeps on saying that Anri is being escorted. I didn’t defeat the Assassin but why is Anri never ready?

    1. M

      The same thing happened to me. As long as you talked to her in the chruch in Irythill and she vanishes you should be fine. Once you defeat the Pontiff, Yuria will start talking about the wedding being ready.

  3. M

    “And she’ll attack you without a word” So much for the alternate ending without her getting a sword through the face.

    1. J

      At least this way she/he dies with some honor, by your hand

  4. A

    Do you absolutely have to talk to her before you kill Wolnir?

    1. W

      No, you can do it anytime. I’m not sure how the quest works, but if you didn’t find Horace or you killed him, you can’t fail.

  5. G

    I killed Yuria before talking to her in Catacombs. Now she wont appear for the Aldrich Boss Fight… Or I can do something to make her come?

    1. L

      Make NG+ friend 🙂

    2. R
      Richard johnson

      I just go deep +10

      Works everytime?

  6. C

    When i return to speak with Anri at the catacombes after killing Horace she isnt there, there is just a glowing yellow orb where she should be?

    1. B

      The quest has continued, you’ll find her in the church.

  7. C

    I got Anri’s sword from Ludleth, but she never appeared where I fought Horace.

    1. J

      Did you tell her that you found Horace in the Smouldering Lake? If not she may be at the church instead.

  8. R

    Lol i was planning on Marrying Anri but then he was too cute with his elite armour set on i didnt wanna hurt the poor cute thing so i ended up saving him instead and killing Yuria as once you save Anri Yuria will say go away we have nothing else to speak about and then DO NOT LEAVE OR SHE WILL DISAPPEAR KILL HER AS YOU ALREADY FAILED YURIAS QUESTLINE! SO KILL HER TO GET HER SWORD AND ASHES AND BUY HER ARMOUR SET FROM OLD HAG AND SET LOOKS AMAZING!

  9. J

    Arni didnt apear where I killed horrace after we killed destroyer is there something I’m missing ???

    1. J

      I think the problem is that arni died at the same time destroyer did so no my game is messed up

  10. P

    Can I repeat if I killed wolnir?

  11. J

    Can i still do Yurias questline and summon anri for Pontiff Sulyvahn

  12. D

    I missed Anri and Horace at the bonfire cause a friend joined my game and we ran past them at the halfway fortress, now I cant find them anywhere, is there some way to speak to them now!!

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