Leonhard The Ringfinger | Dark Souls 3

Leonhard The Ringfinger is a mysterious NPC from Dark Souls 3. You’ll find him leaning against the highest throne in Firelink Shrine.
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He’ll give you a couple of items and then disappear to commit a crime. If you hunt him down, you’ll receive some great loot as reward. This guide will show you where to find Leonhard in Dark Souls 3 after he vanishes, how to finish his quest.

Leonhard Quest

Leonhard spends his free time invading other worlds, and is quite the advocate for this activity. He’ll give you items that allow you to invade other players and encourage you to use them. After a while, though, he’ll disappear. If you find him after his departure, you’ll discover a crime he had commited and a way to enact judgement on him.

Here’s the sequence of events leading up to his demise:

  1. You’ll first meet him in Firelink Shrine, after discovering the Undead Settlement. He’ll be next to the highest throne, and will give you a couple of Cracked Red Eye Orbs.
  2. After you defeat High Lord Wolnir, go talk to him again. He’ll give you a key which is used to open a door in the High Wall of Lothric area. Spawn at the second bonfire, go down to the bottom of the tower and unlock the door. Take the elevator to the dungeon and kill the Darkwraith to get the Red Eye Orb.
  3. When you’re in the Cathedral of The Deep, join the Rosaria’s Fingers covenant. If you need directions, take a look at our skill reset guide.
  4. When you revisit Rosaria’s room, he should be there. If he isn’t, keep playing the game and visit from time to time. Talk to him.
  5. When you go to Rosaria’s room next time, she’ll be dead. Take the Black Eye Orb.
  6. Go to Irithyll, to the room above the cathedral where you fight Aldritch. Use the elevator in the small room to the side to go up, then up the stairs to Gwynevere’s Room. Use the Black Eye Orb to invade Leonhard and kill him.
After defeating him, you’ll get his hat/mask, blade and Rosaria’s Soul. You can either resurrect Rosaria with it (if you want to upgrade the covenant or respec), or transpose it into a spell. The Handmaiden will start selling his armor set once you’ve dealt with him.




  1. C

    I can’t beat this ****. He heals every time.

  2. C

    I accidentally killed him as soon as he showed up…

    1. B

      did you get his stuff

  3. S

    i did all of the following and killed Aldritch. but when i got back to Rosaria’s room she’s not dead and i can’t find leonhard. i need help!

    1. P

      Just added a comment with the right way to do it,hope it helps 🙂

  4. P

    This info isn’t very correct.
    You need to:
    1) get to tower on the wall bonfire;he spawns in firelink and gives you 5 cracked orbs.
    2)Get a pale tongue (beat the fire demon with Onion bro and cut down the body hanging on the low roof for one,or just run there past the demon and get it if you don’t want Onion Knight)
    3)Light Cliff underside bonfire (or pit of hollows),and return to firelink.he will give you the key to the cell under tower on the wall.
    This is the quickest way to get the red orb.Talk to him for “applause” gesture after beating the Darkwraith and obtaining the orb.
    4)Then join Rosaria’s Fingers AND offer ONE Pale tongue,he will spawn by the entrance,inside the room.
    5)Kill Yhorm,warp back to Rosaria”s chamber and pick up the black eye orb in front of her now dead body.
    6)After Aldrich,take the elevator up to Gwynevere’s room (DS1 boob goddess) and you get a notice to use the Black orb.
    7)Beat him up,and that’s it 😛

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      Thx, you really helped me PeachyMike


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