Lloyd's Sword Ring | Dark Souls 3

Lloyd’s Sword Ring is an item in Dark Souls 3. You can acquire this ring early in the game.
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It boosts your attack power when your HP is full. As it is situational, it works better for players who can keep their health pool full most of the time. This guide will show you how to obtain Lloyd’s Sword Ring in Dark Souls 3.

Where to find Lloyd’s Sword Ring

Area: Cathedral of the Deep
The Closest Bonfire: Cleansing Chapel

  1. To reach the Cathedral of the Deep, you have to defeat Crystal Sage. Once the boss is defeated, the pathway to the Cathedral will open up.
  2. As you enter the Cathedral of the Deep, look around the large room. You’ll see a sleeping giant that wakes up once you get near him. The platform with the ring is right next to him.
  3. You have to make your way around the platform, avoiding the giant’s attacks, to be able to pick up Lloyd’s Sword Ring.

Lloyd’s Sword Ring Description & Stats

Ring given to knights of the Way of White. Depicts Allfather Lloyd’s Sword of Law.
Boosts attack power when HP is full.
Much time has passed since the worship of Lloyd was common in the Way of White. The Clerics of Carim had always strongly asserted that Lloyd was a derivative fraud, and that the Allfather title was self-proclaimed.

Keep in mind that the buff is only active when your health bar is full. You’ll need to dodge reliably if you want to make this ring worthwhile.

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