Ringed City Armor Sets - Locations & Stats of New Dark Souls 3 Outfits

Ringed City new armor sets are outfits added to Dark Souls 3 in the latest DLC. There are 12 of them, and they’re going to be a great addition to the wardrobe of your Ashen One. Some are obtained by farming certain enemies, others are to be found in the new area, while one is even part of an NPC quest. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Ringed City Armor sets in Dark Souls 3, how to get them, what they look like and their stats.

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dks3 ringed city new armor sets locations stats
Dark Souls 3 Ringed City New Armor

Lapp’s Armor

dark souls 3 lapps armor

This shining orange-tinted armor once belonged to the Amnesiac Knight Lapp. If you’re willing to play dirty, it’s the first set you can obtain. The proper way to get it is by finishing Lapp’s questline, but you can just kill him and buy it from the Handmaiden at Firelink Shrine. It has great physical absorption, as well as resistance to bleed and poison.

Desert Pyromancer Set

dark souls 3 ringed city desert pyromancer armor set

This one is also pretty easy to obtain – its parts are scattered around the area near the Earthen Peak Ruin bonfire. You’ll have to deal with some tough opponents, like the angels and Desert Pyromancer Zoey, but you can evade them easily. If you need precise locations, check out our Desert Pyromancer Armor location guide.

Ringed Knight Set

dark souls 3 ringed knight armor weapons

Farming the Ringed Knights is the only way to obtain this outfit. Luckily, there’s quite a few of them in the new area. You can wear the Gold Serpent Ring or the Mimic Head to increase your drop rate. Rusted Coins also help. If you want to check out the stats, take a look at our Ringed Knight Armor guide.

Harald Legion Armor

Another outfit that has to be farmed, the Harald Legion Armor is worn by Harald knights. You can find three of them in the swampy area of Earthen Peak Ruins. Boost your item discovery using the items mentioned above, and you’ll get it in no time. It’s a really heavy set, so make sure your equip load can handle it.

Black Witch Set

black witch set ringed city

This set offers great curse resistance, and more than decent protection from the elements. It’s a stylish black dress with a pointy hat. You can get it at the place where you fight the NPC invader Alva, Seeker of the Spurned. Get to the wide staircase between Ringed Inner Wall and Ringed City Streets, then go to the left side using the bridge across the stairs. Once you’re in the garden, hug the left wall and soon enough, you’ll encounter Alva.

Ruin Armor Set

dks3 ruin armor set ringed city

Once you spawn at the Mausoleum Lookout bonfire, run down the stairs and make a U-turn. Follow the ledge and you’ll find the set on a corpse by the wall. It’s a medium weight outfit that offers decent enough protection from every kind of damage, without being too heavy for many to use. The helmet looks like an elongated version of Lapp’s helmet.

Iron Dragonslayer Armor

ringed city iron dragonslayer armor dks3

Spawn at the Ringed City Streets bonfire, head out into the swamp and turn right. Keep going past the last dome, and you’ll run into an animated Dragonslayer Armor (looking exactly like the boss from the base game). Defeat it, and you’ll get the set. It’s a heavy set with amazing protection from bleeding, good frostbite resistance and physical damage absorption.

Antiquated Plain Set

This one is right before the entrance to the Darkeater Midir boss arena. Spawn at the Ringed Inner Walls bonfire, ride the elevator and jump off halfway down. Hit the emptyhanded statue and go down the ladder. The set is on the body before the altar.

Shira’s Set

shira armor set ringed city

After you kill Slave Knight Gael, return to Filianore’s Rest and kill Shira. Once you’ve defeated her, travel to Ringed Inner Wall and go to the wide staircase leading to Ringed City Streets. Go all the way to the top and enter the round building. You’ll find the set on a corpse there.

White Preacher Head

white preacher head dks3

This one isn’t really a set – only a wierd piece of headgear. It’s not really remarkable in any way, apart from the fact it lets you wear another’s face as a mask. To get it, spawn at the Ringed City Streets bonfire and get out into the swamp. Hug the left wall and drop down into the hole, and you’ll find it on a corpse.

Black Witch Veil

This veil is an alternative to the pointy hat from the Black Witch set. It can be found in the swamp near the Ringed City Streets bonfire. Once you’re in the swamp go right. Get onto dry land past the large building and hug the wall. You’ll find it on a corpse near a Ringed Knight.

Blindfold Mask

This peculiar mask increases your dark damage, but also decreases your resistance to it. It looks kinda similiar to the Fire Keeper’s mask, so it might be a good cosplay choice. You can get it by defeating the NPC invader Moaning Knight (Morne), on the spiralling stairwell after the bridge where you first meet the Ringed City dragon.



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