Destiny 2 Worldwide Reveal Trailer - Rally the Troops

Activison and Bungie have released the first real trailer for Destiny 2, called “Rally the Troops”. The video sets the stage by teasing events that precede the game’s story and introducing the new big threat. In the worldwide reveal trailer for Destiny 2, we see some recurring characters, new enemies, and more.

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Destiny 2 Worldwide Reveal Trailer - Rally the Troops
Destiny 2 Worldwide Reveal Trailer – Rally the Troops

The new Destiny 2 trailer is a CG cinematic trailer, and doesn’t show any gameplay footage. Instead, it shows two rallying speeches (as the name implies) back to back. The first speaker is Commander Zavala, holding an inspiring speech calling to action. The other speaker is Cayde-6, who has a somewhat different approach.

You can check out the trailer below.

By the looks of it, the new enemy that Guardians will have to fight is the Red Legion, who seem to be part of the Cabal. Their ominous leader, a hulking creature in plate armor, is called Gary. Yes, his real name is Ghaul, but we all know that his name is Gary from now on. The situation seems very dire, since we learn that the Tower is no more, meaning that the last bastion of defense has fallen. Only small, rag-tag groups of surviving Guardians and civilians remain.

Commander Zavala rouses the survivors with a heroic tale of how the Tower fell. He acknowledges that things are grim, but his speech is enough to embolden the gathered crowd, who respond to his call to action with a loud cry.

Meanwhile, Cayde talks about how magnificent he was in the defense of the Tower, threatens to kill anybody who he doesn’t see on the battlefield, and states flat out that most of the warriors won’t come back alive. Fortunately, there will be loot, and the crowd goes wild. Nice breaking of the fourth wall there.

If you look closely, you might notice some familiar faces in the trailer. You might spot Ikora Rey, Lord Shaxx, and what appears to be Xur, Agent of the Nine.

Destiny 2 is coming out on September 8th, 2017, for the PS4, Xbox One and, for the first time, PC. You can already preorder it, and if you do, you’ll get early access to the Destiny 2 Beta this summer. There are several different editions of the game, with the main attractions certainly being the Destiny 2 Collector’s and Limited edition.

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