Titanite Slab Locations | Dark Souls 3

Titanite Slabs are upgrade materials in Dark Souls 3. They are very rare – there’s only a handful of them in the game. They’re used to reinforce a weapon to its maximum level. This guide will show you all titanite slab locations in Dark Souls 3.

Where to find Titanite Slabs

Area: Lothric Castle
How to get: When you take the elevator to the Lorian & Lothric boss fight, jump out of it as soon as it starts moving. Another platform will emerge from the basement. Ride it down. Turn around and you’ll see a corpse with an item – the slab you’re looking for.

Area: Archdragon Peak
How to get: Next to the dragon corpse where you fight Havel. Spawn at the Great Belfry bonfire, then go down into the courtyard. Turn right and climb the stairs. Look for a ladder on the terrace and use it to get to the top. The slab will be on the ground by the dead dragon.

Area: Archdragon Peak
How to get: After you beat the Nameless King, the clouds will disperse. You’ll see an item in the middle of the courtyard. It’s another titanite slab.

Area: Lothric Casle
How to get: If you kill all three of the golden flying knights on the roof of the Grand Archives, you’ll get one slab. Get to the top floor of the archives, then exit. Climb the stairs, go through the room and take the staircase on your left. The knights will be patrolling around the tower.

Area: Firelink Shrine
How to get: After defeating Lothric & Lorian, you’ll be able to buy a slab from the Handmaiden for 30,000 souls.

Area: Firelink Shrine
How to get: You can trade the Coiled Sword Fragment you got from Untended Graves for a Titanite Slab at the Crow Merchants on the roof of the shrine.

Area: Irithyll Dungeon
How to get: When you clear the penultimate step of Siegward’s quest and free him from the cell in Irithyll Dungeon, he’ll reward you with a slab.

Area: Grand Archives
How to get: Behind a moving bookshelf. You’ll need to dip your head into the pool of wax to gain protection from the curse.

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  1. Y

    one missing from grand archives

  2. A

    The little, rolling, and fire breathing rock lizards in Archdragon Peak drop them. Not sure how rare but one just dropped after killing 10 or so of them while wearing gold serpent ring.

    1. A

      Correction. They drop scales not slabs. Sorry.

  3. No, actually they do drop slabs dumbass, i have gotten a few from them my self and so has a youtuber while farming for titanite scales if you go search for the titanite scale farming video on youtube right now youll see he has gotten one, but i have gotten many. Everyone needs to stop lying to everyone just so that away they can keep the secrets all to themselves, thats #×+÷ing selfish and yall should be ashamed of yourselves, btw you can get a friend and do the duplication glitch and just dule your slabs, your welcome.

    1. P

      Seriously, why namecall someone who is trying to help? He doesnt lie, he only thought he had misinformed, then wanted to correct it.

      Thanks for the info though..

    2. W

      Maybe if you weren’t such a piece of shit people would like you. Don’t be an ass just because you look like one

  4. A

    Because some morons can’t feel adequate without belittling others. (Golgorath is a Trump supporter!) They DO drop the occasional slab, just to clarify the issue at hand.

    1. B
      Bill Mc

      Ashmaiden, you have personally farmed a slab from the rock lizards? Or are you going by what you may have read somewhere?

  5. C

    They do not drop slabs at all. There is only 8 per play through … none of them from these lizards.

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