Corsair Down & Badge - Dead Body Locations in Destiny 2 Forsaken

Corsair Down & Badge are new items in Destiny 2 Forsaken. Corsair Down is a random drop you can get at any point while doing patrol in the Dreaming City. A lot of players have no clue how to use it, or what its purpose is. The truth is, it’s like a locator – it will help you track down dead soldiers from the Queen’s guard. This guide will show you how to use Corsair Down in Destiny 2 Forsaken.

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destiiny 2 how to use corsair down
Destiny 2 Corsair Down – Dead Body Locations

How to use Corsair Down?

After you get Corsair Down from an enemy, open up your inventory and take a look at the description. It will tell you it’s actually a field communication device that’s sending out an SOS with a repeating message attached. The message will contain a hint that should help you locate the person sending out the signal. There are a bunch of different message, which means they appear in various places.

When you’ve tracked down the person, you’ll realize you’re too late. Interact with the dead body, and a boss will spawn. Once you’ve defeated it, you’ll get the Corsair Badge. There are several areas where the bodies spawn, but they can spawn at different places inside those areas.


If the Corsair Down says it’s repeating something about a garden, you need to head to the Gardens of Esila, south of The Strand. We found ours near the passage that leads from The Strand, in the circular plaza with the obelisk.


If the transmissions is repeating something about a bay, you’ll want to go to the Bay of Drowned Wishes. It’s a lost sector in the Divalian Mists, and the entrance is just behind the landing zone. For us, it spawned behind the big, round rock at the beginning of the sector.

Spine and Mist

The Corsair Down transmission that is repeating something about a spine and mist is a clue for the Spine of Keres. It’s the area where the observatory with the Oracle is. The area northwest of the observatory is made up of a bunch of spires and islands rising from the mist. That’s where the bodies will spawn. We found one next to the twisted tree on top of the last spire, and another on the shore between the third and second.


One of the transmissions is constantly repeating something about a harbinger. If you’ve explored the Dreaming City, this one should be easy enough. There’s an area north of Rheasilvia called Harbinger’s Seclude – that’s where you should look for the body. We found one at the very entrance. Enter the palace in the north of Rheasilvia, go straigh past the big statue until you’re in front of a big blue orb. Turn right here and when you enter the reddish hall, look for the body by the potted tree.


The one that is repeating something about a chamber shouldn’t be too hard, either. There’s a lost sector in the southern part of Rheasilvia, called Chamber of Starlight. The body of the fallen soldier will be inside. We found it in the main hall, near the columns.


There’s a transmisson that’s repeating something about Aphelion. There’s a lost sector by the name of Aphelion’s Rest in the Dreaming City. To reach it, you need to go to Petra Venj in the Strand, then jump off the cliff. Turn around once you land, and you’ll see a cave. Go inside and look for the body.

How to use Corsair Badge?

The Corsair Badge is like a pair od dog-tags – it contains identifiable information about the owner. When you get one by defeating the boss that spawns when you interact with the dead soldier, take it to a Queen’s Guard camp – there’s one near the giant gate in Divalian Mists. It’s in the cave with the white banners. Talk to any of the NPCs there, and they’ll thank you for letting them know their comrade died. You’ll also get a reward, but it’s nothing to write home about.

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  1. E

    I have run across a Corsair down that repeats the message “aphelion” I haven’t seen any guide talking about that message

    1. M

      I am in the same boat. I have the one saying aphelion and have found no mention of it anywhere else.

      1. C

        Its the lost sector behind petra

      2. S
        Sarah McClean

        Lost sector behind Petra and clear the lost sector. The body is just before the box behind a rock

    2. T
      Thomas Troester

      Just before you get to the boss in the aphelion lost sector there is a path going up a hill….the corsair is to the right of that

    3. J
      jevaughn stewart

      That’s a lost sector

  2. V

    If im not mistaken, aphelion if the name of the lost sector under petra in the strand

  3. S

    Still have the Chamber corsair, do that Lost Sector repeatedly, still have never seen the body. Both with the flask on and off.

    1. P

      Go back one room from the final hall – the body I just found is on the right in a rocky nook by some of the white flower things – not too far in, there’s an immediate spawn of Scorn with a boss so be prepped

  4. Y

    Pictures with the map locations would help, thanks.

  5. T
    Thomas Troester

    Alpelion corsair is near the end of the lost sector

  6. C

    After so many turn ins you will receive a weekly bounty called Vengeance. Mine required me to kill Tirksnii, Corsairbane. He was located in the Bay if Drowned Wishes (very first lost sector). Reward is 1 x Toncture, 6 x Dark Fragments.

  7. M

    “repeating something about a harbinger.” i have one, and I am at the spot where this guide says it is. I do not see a body there at all. I had one here before and that was the body. Anyone know where this new body is?

    1. M

      I found the body well past where they said it was. It was further in outside in the garden area. It had a marker on it too.

  8. S
    Steven Varley

    The placement of corsairs is random

  9. F

    Kalled the big knight Karus Taur Arius and got loot

  10. V
    Vitruvian Man

    Found the Bay corsair out by the big island in the mists. Bottom left as you approach. Might be random but give it a try..

  11. F

    Got one called fieldcom ?

  12. G

    Another Bay site is along the far left shore line when looking up at the cave entrance from the shore line.

  13. J

    I’ve got a corsair down is says the fiecom device crackles weakly. You can just hear an encoded SOS, repeating something about a chamber please help

  14. S
    Shery German

    Mine came in as a quest. What do I do with it?

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