Destiny 2 Jade Rabbit Locations - You Lack Something

Jade Rabbits in Destiny 2 are a new type of “collectible” that you can find strewn across the map, and, when approached, tell players that you lack something. The Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Jade Rabbits seem to be similar to the cats from Forsaken. People haven’t yet figured out what to do with the Jade Rabbits. But, we can note where you can find the Jade Rabbits in Destiny 2. That’s exactly what we’ll be discussing in our Destiny 2 Jade Rabbit Locations – You Lack Something guide, plus where to find the hidden secret Jade Rabbit room on the Moon in Shadowkeep.

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Destiny 2 Jade Rabbit Locations You Lack Something
Destiny 2 Jade Rabbit Locations – You Lack Something

Where to Find Jade Rabbit Locations in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep?

To find Jade Rabbits, the new “collectible” in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, you really have to look in the nooks and crannies. The first one we’ve found was close to the entrance to the Hellmouth area, near the place where the In Search for Answers mission. Once there, look for a fissure emitting a green glow. Go inside the fissure and follow the narrow path to find a Jade Rabbit chilling on a lawn chair.

The second Jade Rabbit we found was in a kind of research facility in the east of Archer’s Line. The place is crawling with enemies, and you should be careful while snooping around. In one of the side rooms, to the right of a door that looks like it’s covered in fog, you’ll find a huge, black block of machinery. Go around said black block to find the Jade Rabbit.

The third Jade Rabbit we’ve found so far was in deep in Sorrow’s Harbor. Specifically, in the north, as you can see in the image below. Now, Sorrow’s Harbor is a large area that’s full of huge, red, horned… towers, I guess we can call them. One of them has two gray pillars leaning against it. The Jade Rabbit is nestled in between those pillars.

The fourth Jade Rabbit is again in Anchor of Light. Just to the north of the letter “N” in the word Anchor on the map, there is a large building, and it also has a tall tower with some kind of transmitter on top. You’ll know it by several satellite dishes that adorn it. What you’ll have to do is platform your way to the roof of the tower and the base of the transmitter. There, you’ll find the Rabbit next to a kind of console.

Jade Rabbit number five we’ve found is near the entrance into Circle of Bones. You can get there through Hellmouth, and through Gatehouse. When you enter the large room in Circle of Bones, drop down from the platform, and head to the right. The Rabbit is under the catwalk above, among some rubble.

From The Worlds Grave, drop down and head through the large doorway, then turn to the right and into the pitch-dark corridor. Soon, you’ll be in the Chamber of Nights. Soldier on until you come across a large room with a huge, pentagonal doorway that’s glowing orange. The Rabbit is on top of a tall rock formation in that room.

Go back to the Hall of Wisdom, and head through the giant, orange ring. At the end of this Alien-like corridor, you’ll be in the Shrine of Oryx. When you enter the huge cavern, look to the ledge on your right. You’ll see the Jade Rabbit on said ledge, among the spooky shadow-people.

The eighth Jade Rabbit is in the K1 Logistics Lost Sector, which is in the north of Archer’s Line. Fight your way through the lost sector and defeat the Nightmare of Kelnix Reborn boss. Then, go into the squat building that’s opposite from where you entered the arena. Approach the large, metal, yellow door with the number 7 on it. Look to the right to spot the Rabbit.

The ninth and final Jade Rabbit outside of the Rabbit Room, which we’ll discuss below, is in the K1 Revelation Lost Sector, which you can reach in Sorrow’s Harbor. Check out our Memory of Sai Mota – Moon Lost Sector Locations guide for the exactly location. In the room where you meet the boss called Nightmare of Arguth, The Tormented, look for the large, gold-plated tunnel. Follow the path, and when you reach the dead end, you’ll see the Rabbit in a chair in teh corner. You might need the Lunar Spelunker bounty to reach it.

Destiny 2 Jade Rabbits in Shadowkeep – What to Do?

What you need to do with Jade Rabbits in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is feed them small rice cakes consumables. Yes, seriously. You can get these rice cakes as random drops while patrolling around on the Moon. They can drop from public events, Nightmare Hunts, or even from chests. They’re not the most common drop in the game, being a legendary item, but you’ll get them eventually by exploring the area.

Once you have a small rice cake, go to one of the Jade Rabbits and give them the food. In return, you’ll get nine Phantasmal Fragments, although, some people have reported getting a Phantasmal Core. So, is this worth the trouble? Well, maybe not in the sense that you should go rice cake-hunting actively, but if you happen upon one, might as well cash it in.

Where to Find Hidden Secret Jade Rabbit Room in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep?

To find the secret Jade Rabbit Room in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, we’ll start from the first fast travel point that you unlock on the Moon, the one in the far south of the map. There’s a large ramp to the right that you can go down, so do just that. Then, hang a right, and you’ll find a blue-lit corridor. Go inside, walk through the first room, and you’ll come across the second room. I’ll dub it the Rabbit Room.

This room has ten small pedestals, a broken Jade Rabbit on the ground, and a blue rabbit logo on the wall. This obviously has something to do with the Jade Rabbits. I assume you’ll be able to collect them at some point and place them on the pedestals. Maybe that will open the section with the logo with some kind of reward behind it. We’ll make sure to let you know right here once we figure out how to collect them. Right now, we also lack something in order to do that.

UPDATE: As pointed out by our lovely commenter and user name extraordinaire Chef Big Dog, once you feed a Jade Rabbit a rice cake, it’s gonna disappear and reappear in the Jade Rabbit room. What happens when you get all of them remains to be seen. Thanks, Chef Big Dog!

NOTE: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll update it as we learn more about Jade Rabbits in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep.

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  1. J
    Jonathan Gallegos

    I found one on the lost sector at Archer’s Line, the funny thing is that in the side of the rabbit there is a cat that looks like from forsaken just that… with a glowing red aura or something like that

  2. B
    Bailey Cooper

    While farming Nightmares with my friend, I got a rice cake legendary item. I had no idea what it was at first but when I went back to the bunny in Archer’s line, I was able to give it to him and I got 9 Phantasmal Fragments and then he vanished. I guess you have to bring them gifts and they reward you.

  3. C
    Chef Big Dog

    After offering a Jade Rabbit statue a rice cake, it disappeared. Afterwards, I visited the Rabbit Room to find the Jade Rabbit I had just found, in the room with the other damaged one. I assume after you offer each one a rice cake, they’ll end up in the Rabbit Room. What this does, I don’t know

  4. F

    After beating the Nightmare in the K1 Logistics Lost Sector on the Moon there is a Jade Rabbit statue hidden in plain sight. Go through the door behind the Lost Sector chest, on the right side of that room you want to look for the ghost of a cat (Like the Dreaming City Cats) staring at something across from it something on a box, that something has blue eyes and is is the Jade Rabbit.

  5. J
    Jon-luc M Ysart

    Yo, you may have already seen the rabbit i just found. But climb to the top of anchor of light, the steel building there .

  6. J

    There is one as you enter the shire of oryx on a ledge to the left facing where the big orb used to be

  7. C

    There is ano5er one behind the sealed door in k1 revelation, jump through the tunnel beside the lost sector chest, you get a weekly bounty from Eris that gives you something to open it

  8. R

    There is also one in the firewall fragment room in K1 Revelations, sitting at the back of the room behind the console on a chair.

  9. B
    Bailey Cooper

    While screwing around in Sanctuary, I found the secret rabbit room and a terminal immediately to the left after entering the room before the secret rabbit room. Once you interact with it, another terminal in Sanctuary will activate and you have to find it reset it (While typing this I found that any terminal, the trickiest of can start the sequence so long as it’s screen is orange) . It ends down near the tire game and a bridge forms. When you make your way to the end of that bridge there is a platform with a small keypad on a beam that you offer 5,000 glimmer to and it spawns a ball in the middle of sanctuary, with the message ” Has made an offering” and when the balls time limit expires the message “The offering ceases to appease” appears in the bottom left . My theory at the moment is the ball has something to do with the end when you have collected all the rabbits mainly because you make an offering of rice cakes to them, and how you “Make Offering (5,000 Glimmer)” when you get to the end of the platform the bridge leads to which summons the ball and the “The offering ceases to appease” message that pops up on the bottom left of the screen when said ball vanishes.Obviously the running trend in this whole theory is the reappearing word “Offering”. Now this theory could be entirely wrong, but I won’t know until I try.

  10. B
    Bailey Cooper

    Edit: (While typing this I found that any terminal, the trickiest of which to find is on a small ledge just over the railing behind Eris Morn, can start the sequence so long as it’s screen is orange. Only one screen will be orange at a time)*

  11. H
    Harrison Kemp

    In the first week, I only ever happened to get three rice cakes. For days I kept grinding and grinding to try and get more, but ended up with nothing. Since there’s only nine rabbits that we have to find. I have a theory that only three rice cakes are allowed to drop for you each week and it’ll take three weeks until we find out what we get from the room.

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