Destiny 2 Ikelos Weapons - How to Get SMG, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun

Ikelos weapons are a family of legendary guns in Destiny 2. There are four of them – a sniper rifle, a hand cannon, a shotgun and an SMG. They all share the same robotic look, and the same sparse description. Many players are wondering how to get them, since none of them appear during the main story campaign. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get Destiny 2 Ikelos weapons.

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destiny 2 ikelos weapons
Destiny 2 Ikelos Weapons – How to Get SMG, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun

IKELOS_HC_V1.0.1 hand cannon

The Ikelos hand cannon is probably going to be the first one you’ll collect. You’ll get it at the end of a quest called A Piece of The Past. That’s the second quest you’ll get from Ana Bray after beating the main story. It has the Precision Frame perk, which makes recoil more vertical and allows you to shoot quickly and precisely. It also has the Rampage trait, which increases your damage whenever you kill someone.

IKELOS_SR_V1.0.1 sniper rifle

The Ikelos sniper rifle is one of the possible rewards for completing the Escalation Protocol public event. It can appear in the chest that spawns after you beat the boss in the seventh wave. One of the bosses is guaranteed to drop it, while two others have a random chance of dropping this rifle. The Rapid-fire Frame allows you to reload more quickly when you’re the mag is empty, while the Triple Tap trait gives you the ability to return a bullet to the magazine after you start landing quick precision shots.

IKELOS_SG_V1.0.1 legendary shotgun

The Ikelos shotgun is also part of the Escalation Protocol reward pool. As with the sniper rifle, you’ll need to kill the boss on the seventh level in order to get it, but not all bosses will drop this particular weapon. The intrinsic perk it has, Rapid-fire Frame, allows you to shoot full auto, gives you more ammo capacity, and increases reload speed once you reach the bottom of the magazine. It has the Moving Target trait, which increases your auto-aim presicion and movement speed when you’re aiming down sights.

IKELOS_SMG_V1.0.1 submachine gun

The Ikelos SMG is the third possible drop from the final part of the Escalation Protocol event. It’s not a guaranteed reward, so you’ll probably have to re-do the event a couple of times. It has the Aggressive Frame perk, which increases damage at short ranges, and the Grave Robber trait, which makes melee kills reload a portion of the magazine.

Sleeper Simulant exotic weapon

The Sleeper Simulant isn’t strictly part of the Ikelos family, but the description does put it in the vicinity. It’s a linear fusion rifle, with a perk that lets its beam shoot through targets and bounce off surfaces. You’ll get it as a reward for the quest chain that begins when you pick up the Ikelos hand cannon.

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