Destiny Age of Triumph changes + Destiny 2 rumors

With Destiny 2 announced just a day ago, people are heavily invested in analyzing the teaser image and trailer and coming up with all sorts of wild theories. Destiny is going out with a bang with the roll-out of update 1.32 for Age of Triumph, which includes updates to the following: Raids, Patrols, Grimoire, Crucible, Sandbox, Vendors and more.

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If you have been with Destiny since the beginning, you will remember a time when Peter Dinklage was the voice of the Ghost. For some weird reason, the developers decided that Ghost’s lines should be somewhat changed and read by Nolan North. Because there is not enough Nolan North in games. Those players who remember the Dinklebot with nostalgia, probably remember the famous line “That wizard came from the Moon” which was cut from the final version of the game, but its sheer craziness caused it to end up on a T-shirt that Bungie sold for charity. Why this intro? Because Age of Triumph has a Peter Dinklage Easter Egg! See video below for details.

As far as Destiny 2 is concerned, the Sony branded version of the teaser trailer (see above, also, hi, Nathan Fillion) pointed out to some clues as to PS4 exclusive content. Bungie and Sony have worked closely together in Destiny as well, so this might mean that the beta will be coming to Sony’s console first. The beta has actually not been officially announced, although it is expected. However, one of the first clues as to the recent announcement of Destiny 2 was the leaked poster in Italian, which mentions the beta.

If you are interested in more details regarding the Age of Triumph, check out Bungie’s official page.