Ringed City Secrets - Hidden Locations & Items in Dark Souls 3 DLC

Ringed City secrets are all the hidden places, items and bosses you can find in the new Dark Souls 3 DLC. There aren’t too many of them, but they can be tough to find. Exploring everything will reward you with some cool items, but also give you more insight into the story. In this guide, we’re going to show you a list of Ringed City secrets in Dark Souls 3 and where to find them.

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ringed city secrets dark souls 3
Dark Souls 3 Ringed City secrets

Purging Monument location

The Purging Monument is an altar that lets you erase your past sins, reverse your hollowing and resurrect a mini-boss. That last one is the most important – the other two area available from Velka’s statue in the main game, as well. It’s well hidden, and requires you to solve the Show Your Humanity puzzle. You’ll either need a Chameleon spell or a White Branch for this.

Amnesiac Lapp NPC

Amnesiac knight Lapp is an NPC with a proper questline, for the first time since the base game. He’s not really secret, but if you miss his first place of appearance, you’ll probably miss out on his story (and it’s a nice story). He can be found near the beginning of Dreg Heap – when you see a tower crumble, cross it to find him. If you need more info about the other locations he shows up in, check out our Lapp questline guide.

Illusory Walls in Ringed City

There are only three illusory walls in the DLC, but each one is hiding a nice reward. Breaking them down will let you get things like the Chloranty Ring +3, a new sorcery and miracle, and even access to a secret boss. If you wish to find them, take a look at our Ringed City illusory wall locations guide.

Darkeater Midir secret boss

Darkeater Midir is an optional boss – you can finish the game without defeating him. He’s hidden near the Ringed Inner Wall bonfire. If you want to find him, ride the elevator near the bonfire and jump off before you reach the bottom. Hit the statue on the right and follow the path until you’re in his lair. Be warned, though, it’s a tough fight.

Spears of the Church covenant

The Spears of the Church covenant allows you to invade people during the Halflight boss fight. It’s a beautiful thing, and will no doubt cause a lot of grief for a lot of people. You just need wear the emblem to get automatically summoned, and you can get it by beating Darkeater Midir (see above).