How to get high level artifacts in Destiny Rise of Iron

Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion has increased Light Level cap to 385, and all Guardians who want to jump into Wrath of the Machine Raid are trying to raise their Light Level as high as possible. The latest expansion brought eight new artifacts and each of them can give you specific ability.
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There are several ways to obtain High level Artifacts and in this guide we’ll list the most efficient ones.

destiny rise of iron high level artifacts
Your best chances to get high level artifacts is if your artifact is your lowest light item. Once you obtain a better one, you should equip your new Artifact to increase your Light level, and try to get new gear to match new Light Level. You should check our guide How to increase Light Level fast to 385, to find out the best way for obtaining higher level gear.

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Where to get high level artifacts

  • Complete the Rise of Iron story missions, talk to Tyra Karn in the Iron Temple, and start the quest Artifacts of the Iron Lords. Upon completing this quest you’ll get your reward – an Iron Lord’s Legacy token which can be traded for Iron Lord Artifacts Light Level 350.
  • Once you hit 365 Light Level start opening reputation packs for Crota’s Bane. You’ll get 365+ Artifacts but you have to be 365+ Level Light to get an artifact that high. (thanks jlmurph2)
  • If you have a skeleton key use it to open Strike Hoard chests. Those chests have a pretty high drop percentage for artifacts. You can get 385 Light Level artifacts from Strike Hoard chests.
  • Rank up Eris to get High level Artifacts by completing Cort of Oryx, Raid, Wormspore.
  • Unfortunately Bungie hasn’t increased Artifact’s Light level in Court of Oryx , it’s still 335.

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