Wrath of The Machine Raid Loot | Destiny: Rise of Iron

Wrath of The Machine is the new raid in Destiny: Rise of Iron. It takes place in the Plaguelands, the new zone on Earth.
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There are a lot of raid rewards you can get after finishing it, including legendary weapons and armor pieces. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Wrath of The Machine raid gear in Destiny Rise of Iron.

destiny rise of iron wrath of the machine raid loot
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Wrath of the Machine Emblem

Everyone who finishes the raid is going to receive a special emblem. It’s called Machine God’s Bane. It has a gray background with red arrows pointing down and to the left. It’s going to be popular for a while at least, until everyone gets to snag it.

Wrath of the Machine Legendary Weapons

All of the weapons you can get in the new raid will deal increased damage to Fallen, and boost your agility. Their damage outputs vary from 365 to 380. Here’s what’s been discovered this far:

  • Chaos Dogma scout rifle
  • Ether Nova fusion rifle
  • Ex Machina sniper rifle
  • Fever and Remedy hand cannon
  • Genesis Chain auto rifle
  • If Materia machine gun
  • Sound and Fury rocket launcher
  • Steel Medulla pulse rifle
  • Quantiplasm shotgun
  • Zeal Vector sidearm

Wrath of the Machine Armor Sets

There’s one legendary armor set for each class. Their perks are mostly tied to SIVA and the Fallen – like gaining more ammo or receiving less damage from these types of enemies. They all have 365 defense, and are thematically based around the SIVA design.

HelmetCosmoclast HelmNanomania MaskRed Miasma Hood
Chest ArmorCosmoclast PlateNanomania VestRed Miasma Robes
GauntletsCosmoclast GauntletsNanomania GraspsRed Miasma Gloves
BootsCosmoclast GreavesNanomania BootsRed Miasma Boots

Wrath of The Machine Ghosts & Artifacts

There’s also the possibility of getting a new ghost or artifact during the raid. There are two ghost you can get, as well as two artifacts for each class. The ghosts are:
  • Infection Shell
  • Amalgam Shell

The two artifacts are basically a light and strong version of the same item. They include:
  • Siva Core for the Titan
  • Perfected Siva Core for the Titan
  • Siva Shard for the Hunter
  • Perfected Siva Shard for the Hunter
  • Siva Capsule for the Warlock
  • Perfected Siva Capsule for the Warlock

If you want to browse a full list of both chest rewards and possible random drops, go on and check the Armory.

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