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You wake up in Adam Jensen’s apartment in Prague’s Capek Fountain district. Your augs are acting up and you need a break from the recent events. In this guide we’ll point out all the items you can pick up in Adam’s apartment, since there is some important stuff you shouldn’t miss.

adams apartment deus ex mankind dividedCollect all the crafting parts and several sellable items (you sell these at vendors for credits) in your bedroom. There is also a hidden panel in the floor that you can see with your Augmented vision There you will find an E-book “How not to get yourself killed” and the super important Triangle Code along with some quest items.
As you exit the bedroom you can pickup the credit chip on the bookshelf to the left and Painkillers and Hypostim in the bathroom to the right. On the living room table is another e-book and a credit chip. Computer terminal and another e-book are on the kitchen island. You can reveal a hidden wall panel via the computer’s smart home system. You’ll find some good ammo in there. On the wall across the computer is a picture frame hiding a safe, where you should pick up the always useful Multi-tool.
Before you head out you should go to the TV remote with which you can call your old boss Sarif. He wants to chat after two years and you will be able to choose weather to Concede or Goad during the conversation. Other converastion options will give you some story background about characters from the previous game.

You can now freely go towards the door and put on your trench coat. This will finish the current main mission and activate two new missions – one to help you fix your augs (which you should do first) and one to report to your new boss.


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