Prague Capek Fountain District Walkthrough - Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Capek Fountain is the first district you’ll visit in Prague when you play Deus Ex Mankind Divided. There are several starting missions you will have to do here and also several very interesting side missions and stories.
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Although small in size it is big in loot and collectibles. These are some of the major sub-areas you will visit in this district (each has its on dedicated page with detailed walkthrough):

Prague Capek Fountain District deus ex mankind dividedThere are several smaller sub-areas of the Capek Fountain District and all of them have interesting developments or items for you to find. We’ll walk you through some of them bellow.

Kazatel – Vendor

Kazatel is a vendor located just across the main entrance into Zelen Apartments. He sells information and is willing to trade for it only if you give him Neuropozyne. He has 3 pieces of information to trade for so you will need 3 Neuropozyne to get it from him. Here are the choices and what they give you:

INFO Agives you a POI: Shots Fired. This is the apartment above the fake police checkpoint (the one with lasers) and you can see how to reach it in our Koller – The Time Machine area walkthrough
INFO BVincent Info B POI Every little helps location deus ex md Unlocks POI: Every Little Helps – says “should take the tools down to clear out that area under the tracks ready for repairs next week. Could use the access across from the Zelen building with 9002” – POI is located north of Adam’s Apartment
INFO Cgives the code to the right storage in Konicky & Hracky area (northwest part of Capek Fountain District)

Svobody Beer

In a building south of Adam’s apartment complex is a pub called Svobody Beer. The owner will request some Neuropozyne. If you decide to give it to her she will start selling Medical supplies for 350 credits and give you the code to her basement door – 1015.

Vincent Van Aug

This is an art gallery located across the fake police checkpoint. If you go to the basement you can find two eBooks. If you are on the side mission The Golden Ticket there will also be an NPC here doing a strange sci fi play.


It is in the center north part of the map. You’ll find some homeless people there and an eBook. To the east is a restricted area with one guard. IF you take him out you can find Neuropozyne in the safe he is guarding. If you have the proper aug you can also break the wall and pick up more Neuropozyne from a corpse behind the wall.

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