Zelen Apartments Walkthrough - Prague Capek Fountain

Adam Jensen’s apartment is located in a complex called Zelen Apartments. This is in the Prague district called Capek Fountain and the place is filled with goodies.
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We’ll walk you through it floor by floor and apartment by apartment so we can point out all the valuable collectibles and secrets found in Zelen.

As you Exit Adam’s apartment go towards the stairs, but before you go down you should try and hack the keypad on the apartment no. 41 (located parallel to Adam’s). Inside, you will discover a truly unique decor, but beside that you will also find a wealth of crafting parts as well as a strange scene with a cultist. On the computer desk in the corner you can find Breach Software. E-book can be found on the counter next to the kitchen stove. Next to the entrance is a small table with a cardboard box on top of it. This hides a Tactical shotgun behind it so make sure you pick it up if it fits your playstyle.

Zelen Apartments Second Floor – Praxis kit, Neuropozyne

Moving down to the 2nd floor of the Zelen Apartment building you’ll find an apartment door with Eviction notice on it straight and on the right wall as you descend the stairs (apartment no. 32). Inside is a grieving man and you can choose to loot his stuff, but the most important thing is the hidden floor panel hiding a Praxis kit and a Biocell.

The same floor has another apartment (no. 31) with a hackable keypad. Once inside the most important thing to pick up is the Neuropozyne found in the drawer in the bathroom. Remember not to sell this item to merchants because you can exchange it in some side quests and for information

Zelen Apartments First Floor

On your way to the first floor make sure you take note of the vent entrance on the staircase. We’ll be visiting it in a moment. The first apartment on the left (apartment no. 21) is home to a black market vendor. Do not try to pick up any items in there or you will make bodyguards hostile. You can sell your sellable items here and buy some Praxis Kits for 10000 credits. If you decide to kill him and explore the apratment you will only find some basic weapons and ammo. You will also lose the opportunity to ever buy Praxis kits from him.

Go back to the vent entrance on the staircase (between 2nd and 1st floor). Follow the vent until you reach the apartment on the first floor. Inside is a drug dealer taking a call. You can dispose of him and loot the stuff in the apartment. Pocket secretary will hold the password for the laptop in the kitchen “DobraNoc“. Reading the emails will basically start a side mission called “Neon Nights“. Following this side mission will bring in a lot of rewards so make sure you finish it in due time.

Apartmant no. 23 is locked and if you try to hack the keypad you will alert the bodyguards. You can enter it from the ground floor if you have the higher jump augmentation. Just get up on top of the little fountain and then onto the window ledge. Open the window and you’re inside. You’ll find some eBooks and other items. You can exit via the door and this will unlock them permanently.

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