Dishonored 2 Blueprint Locations

Blueprints are items you can collect in Dishonored 2. These schematics allow you to buy or upgrade weapons and equipment at the black market.
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Getting them will slowly broaden your arsenal and open up more opportunities for both stealth and imaginative kills. They can be hard to find, as they blend in quite nicely in most places. In this guide, we’re going to show you all blueprint locations in Dishonored 2, what they unlock.

When you want to use up the blueprints you’ve collected, you’ll need to find a black market. The man at the counter can produce upgrades following the schematics you bring him, letting you enhance your outfit, weapons and other equipment. It’s gonna cost you, though, so make sure you’ve brought enough coin.

Mission 2: Edge of the World Blueprints

Name: Fire Hardening Treatment
Location: In the Overseer Offices. Climb up to the third floor, where the safe is. The blueprint is on the desk in the large room with the terrace. Watch out for the Overseers.

Name: Dispersed Incendiary Release
Location: This one is in a building by the docks. It’s the one close to the whale carcass – you’ll recognize it by a couple of open windows on the second floor. Teleport inside and you’ll find the schematic in a safe. If you miss it, it will appear in the next mission.

Blueprints in Mission 3: The Good Doctor

Name: Combat Sleep Dart
Location: Go right from the main lobby, and teleport up to the balcony above the “consultation” sign. Go right into the large office. The schematic is in the safe on the far side of the room. The combination is on a nearby desk – keep your eyes peeled, it’s easy to overlook.

Name: Dispersed Incendiary Release
Location: On the counter right next to doctor Hypatia, when you talk to her for the first time. It’s easy to miss, especially if you focus too much on the conversation. Make sure you explore the lab after you talk to her, and you’ll surely see it.

Name: Mercury Vapor Distillation
Location: You can find this one on the bench in Joe Hamilton’s quarters, which is one floor above the room where you find him sobbing.

Mission 4: The Clockwork Mansion Blueprints

Name: Pyro-sonic Casing
Location: In Lower Aventa District, go to Aventa Carriage Station. Go to the ticket booth. Unlock the door. There’s a safe inside. The blueprints are on the table to the right of the safe.
Name: Alloy Polarization
Location: Go to the guard building in Upper Aventa District. Take the stairs to the third floor and enter the large office at the end of the corridor. The blueprints are waiting on one of the desks.
Name: Conductive Filaments
Location This Blueprint is in the Clockwork Mansion. Adjacent to the Guest’s Waiting Room (the one with two potted plants with seats around), there is a large desk. The blueprints are on that desk. IF you moved the room previously, use the lever to get it back up.

Mission 5: The Royal Conservatory Blueprints

Name: Reverberation Tubing
Location: Enter the building across the street from the conservatory’s side entrance (the one with the fountain nearby). Climb the stairs and enter the apartment. Turn left and look at the desk in the large room. The blueprint will be on it.

Name: Alloy Polarization
Location: Go through the side gate, then into the room with the ghost hound. Go into the small office on the left (use the tiny window) and get the key from the wall above the desk. Go back into the previous room, then straight through the iron gate. Use the key to open the door by the gorilla portrait. You’ll find the blueprint on a table inside.

Name: Slug Splintering Vedges
Location: In the fancy office at the top of the conservatory. Get to the top floor, then teleport onto the ledge above. Go through the window and down the stairs. The schematic will be on the desk.

Mission 6: Dust District

Name: Spiked Grenade
Location: Go to the back entrance of Crones Hand Saloon and head upstairs. On the 2nd floor, you will find a Metal Crate. Open it, and you will find a Spiked Grenade Housing.

Name: Secondary Coiling
Location: From the back entrance of the Crones Hand Saloon, pass through into to the back alley behind. Go through the small window to access Crone’s Hand Saloon basement. On the table will be Secondary Coiling blueprint.
Name: Conductive Filaments
Location This Blueprint can be found in this mission or in the Clockwork Mansion mission. We explained how to collect Conductive Filaments in the Clockwork Mansion mission (see above). If you didn’t found the blueprint there, check the top of the building before you pass the Wall of Light (it is near the beginning of the level). Climb on to the roof of the left building and search the workbench (it can be located on the lower shelf).

Mission 7: A Crack in the Slab

Name: Spiked Grenade Housing
Location: From the tree in the center of the house, go up the stairs, and turn left. In that hallway there will be a workbench with a blueprint on it. (type of the blueprint may vary).

Mission 8: The Grand Palace

Name:Small-scale Combustion Refinement
Go to the building closest to the entrance to the palace ground. Go up to the last floor. Find the mouse hole and use Shadow Walk to crawl to the other side. The blueprint is on the desk of the room you’ll crawl into.
Name: Firing Chamber Pivot
This blueprint is near the Wall of Light early on in the mission. Basically, follow the metal tracks on the ground. Just after the Wall, there’s a small stall with a burning furnace inside. The blueprints are right there on the table, lying next to a pistol. NameFolded Galvani Resin
Go down to Delilah’s shrine in the Grand Palace. To get there, go down the stairs from the dining room (to your right if you’re facing the big statue on the other side of the table). Go down the stairs into the Personnel Only section. Keep going until you reach a dead end and press the button on the left side of the wooden wall. Walk down into the hidden chamber. The blueprints are on the long table.
Name: Blade Conversion
Location: This schematic can be found in the Palace, on the third floor. When you’re at the staircase, go right into the nearby office. The blueprint is hidden in a desk.

Mission 9: Death to the Empress

Name: Counter Blast Conversion
Location: This blueprint can be found in Galvani’s lab. It’s in a building near the entrance to Dunwall tower, at ground level.

We’ll update the guide with more blueprints as we discover them. Feel free to share any discoveries of your own via the comments.