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Mission 5: Royal Conservatory Bonecharms

1. The first one is in the red building across the street from the main entrance to the conservatory.
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It’s in a pub, on a table near the front door.

2. Climb onto the roof of the red building, then jump across the gap into the condemned one. There’s a room with a safe in it – the bonecharm will be on the floor there.

3. Enter the building across the street from the side entrance to the conservatory. Go up the stairs and into the apartment. Look for a desk in the large room, and you’ll find the collectible on it.

4. Use the side entrance to get into the conservatory, then go into the small office on the left. You can use the pile of crates to squeeze through the small window outside, then jump into the office. The charm will be on the left.

5. Get up to the top floor of the large hall with the owls. Teleport from the balcony onto the ledge, then follow the vent until you reach the charm.

6. While you’re on the ledge, turn around and go through the window on the other side. Open the door on your right, and take the charm from the counter.

7. Go to the second floor (the one where the strange machine is). Go to the side opposite the elevator, through the large door and left. Go straight until you reach a staircase. Climb it – while you walk through the tree-infested corridor, you’ll see a lecture room with a blackboard with glowing blue writing. The charm is in front of the board.

8. You will get the last two bonecharms when you find Breanna Ashworth. When you knock her out or kill her, you can loot her body to get the two remaining charms.

Mission 6: Dust District bonecharm locations

1. Go to the Crones Hand Saloon back entrance (on the far left). Once you enter the building go right, and when you come to the window go right again. You will be in the back alley. There is a basement window. Go inside and on the desk you will find a bonecharm.
2, 3 and 4. You will find the these bonecharms when you find Paolo. He is carrying them with him. After you kill him or knock him out, you will have a chance to loot him. You will then see a short cut-scene. The game should count this bonecharm as 3. 5. In the street in front of the overseer building, on your left there will be an open window on the first floor. Go inside, and then go left to find a bonecharm on the wall. 6. Next bonecharm is in the overseer building. Go to the 2nd floor and in the big hallway go right. Watch out for the guards along the way. Continue through the room and you will find a bonecharm in the cabinet. 7. You will need Durante’s key for this bonecharm. You will find the key on the table next to the last bonecharm (in the overseer building). Once you have the key, head back to the back entrance of Crones Hand Saloon. Go up the stairs, and find Durante’s room and take the bonecharm. 8. Last bonecharm is in the Black Market. You will have to rob the store to get it. First go behind the building, and shoot the plank that is blocking the door (use your pistol and shoot through the window). Go into the building and go to the 2nd floor. Search the apartment for the note (Wedding Silvergraph) that explains when a couple had their wedding. Look at the calendar on the wall and then see what date is circled for the month in the note. The code is date+month. Go to the locked black market door and enter the code.


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