Division 2 Collectible Artifact Founding Fathers Portrait Locations

Founding Fathers artifacts in the Division 2 are collectible portraits of American historical figures scattered around the map. Finding all Division 2 Founding Fathers artifacts requires you to search through the whole game with a fine-tooth comb. You don’t really get much for completing the collection, outside of bragging rights that you found all Founding Fathers portrait artifacts in The Division 2. Our Division 2 Collectible Artifact Founding Fathers Portrait Locations guide will show you where to find all the collectible portrait artifacts in The Division 2.

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Division 2 Collectible Artifact Founding Father Portrait Locations
Division 2 Collectible Artifact Founding Fathers Portrait Locations

NOTE: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll be adding more Founding Father portraits as we discover them.

Where to Find Benjamin Franklin Founding Fathers Portrait in Division 2?

To find the Founding Father collectible portrait of Benjamin Franklin in The Division 2, you’ll have to search the Contaminated Zone in the East Mall area. The Contaminated Zone is in the southwest corner of East Mall; just south of the Metro Ruins Control Point, which we’ll use as our starting point.

Head south from the entrance to Metro Ruins, until you reach large building with Department of the United States emblazoned on the top in huge letters and covered in yellow tarp. Enter the quarantined zone through the door with the biohazard symbol.

Once you go through the blue-lit doors, vault over the counter into the room on the left. Exit through the door and head down the corridor on the right. Hop over the furniture and hang a left. Enter the open elevator shaft. There’s a rope that you can climb, so do just that. Then climb up the ledge and out of the shaft.

We’re in the final stretch here. Walk down the corridor and look for an open door on the left. Go through the door, then into the room to the right. You’ll be inside a swanky office, and ol’ Ben Franklin is hanging on the wall to the left.

George Washington Founding Fathers Division 2 Artifact Location

The location of the Founding Father portrait of George Washington is, appropriately enough, in the White House area. It’s in the northeast of the district, so we’ll start from The Vault Control Point and head east. The building you’re looking for is a building with Greek-looking columns. It’s a church, called, according to the sign, Saints People’s Church.

Go into the alley to the left of the church’s door, and climb over the fence. Move forward, and you’ll come across a tall stack of palettes. Climb onto it, then to the gaping doorway on the left above. Go inside, and you’re going to come across a huge painting of George Washington.

Division 2 John Jay Founding Fathers Portrait Artifact – Where to Find?

To find the portrait of Founding Father John Jay, you’ll have to search in the Foggy Bottom area, just west of the Truman Safe House. As you exit the Safe House, go directly across the street and clamber atop the hot dog stand with the yellow tarp, and up the embankment. Once you reach street level again, hang a left and proceed until you come across a white SUV and black pickup truck. Turn right and up into the parking lot, then head left into the alley.

Climb up the dumpster, onto the awning, then down the ladder. Walk past the mural of the blue jellybean-looking thing and turn left. The portrait of John Jay is on the corner of the building right in front of you, across the parking lot, next to a blue cabinet. Incidentally, this is close to where you can start the secret Navy Hill mission, that rewards you with the Retro Field Uniform outfit.

Where to Find Thomas Jefferson Founding Fathers Collectible Location in Division 2?

To find the Founding Fathers portrait of Thomas Jefferson, the first step is to go to the Haunted House Control Point in the northeast of the Constitution Hall Zone. From here, it’s pretty easy to find, once you know where to look. Cross New York Ave NW to the southeast of the Control Point, and look for an entrance marked JHM: Jones Hale & Mitch LLC, attorneys and counselors at law.

Go inside the deserted office space, and head right, towards the restrooms. Stand in front of the men’s room, turn 180, and look at the wall. That’s where you’ll find the portrait of Thomas Jefferson, most famous for inventing the swivel chair, staring you in the face. Next to the restrooms. Poor guy.

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