Division 2 Ruthless Assault Rifle - Merciless Score 250

Merciless Score 250 is one of the Ruthless exotic upgrade requirements in The Division 2. The game does a poor job of explaining how this works, and since it’s an item you have from the very start if you’ve preordered, a lot of players are confused by it. That’s why we’ve decided to write a guide about it, in which we’ll explain how to upgrade the Division 2 Ruthless assault rifle and what Ruthless Score 250 means.

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division 2 ruthless assault rifle merciless score 250
Division 2 Ruthless Assault Rifle – Merciless Score 250

Merciless Score 250 – Ruthless exotic upgrade

The confusion stems from the fact that this isn’t really a Ruthless upgrade. It’s a reskin for another weapon called Merciless, that makes it look like Ruthless. In order to apply this skin to the Merciless, you’ll need Merciless score 250. This refers to gear score, the metric used to track progress after you reach the level cap. So before you can use this skin, you’ll have to get to level 30, then keep grinding until you have a Merciless with a gear score of 250. Only then will you be able to reskin it using the Ruthless exotic upgrade.

How to upgrade Ruthless assault rifle?

When it comes to actual upgrades, the situation is somewhat similar. You won’t be able to upgrade weapons until you’ve reached the level cap. Once you do, you’ll get the option to increase their gear score by implementing an upgrade. It’ll cost you some credits and a bunch of components, depending on which rarity you’re working with.

The process is pretty much the same as for the Lullaby, the other preorder bonus weapon. The whole thing is a bit convoluted, so it’s not weird a lot of people are having trouble figuring it out. Actually, the entire game has trouble explaining itself, which is why we’ve written a bunch of guides – about clans, chat commands, leveling up, perks and more.