Division 2 Projects How to Complete Donate Objectives

Projects are collections of side objectives that you can complete in The Division 2. They’re very useful to complete, because you can get some good rewards for your troubles. Therefore, you might be wondering how to complete donate objectives for The Division 2 Projects. So, here’s our Division 2 Projects How to Complete Donate Objectives to show you how to donate to Settlements to complete Project objectives, both by going to the Settlement and from the map screen, for optimal convenience.

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Division 2 Projects How to Complete Donate Objectives
Division 2 Projects How to Complete Donate Objectives

How to Complete Donation Objectives in Project Missions in Division 2?

To complete Donate objectives in Division 2 Projects, you have to donate the necessary supplies. These can range between a lot of different of stuff, depending on the project. We’re talking gloves, body armor, ceramics, polycarbonates, the works. Mind you, this is different than resupplying friendly control points; you get Projects objectives from Settlements, such as the Theater. There are two ways you can donate: one is to go directly to the settlement, and the other is from the map screen.

Donating by going to the settlement is pretty simple. When you have something the Project needs, find the person standing behind the Projects desk (usually in the vicinity of the Vendor). Interact with them, and find the Project you want to donate to. Press Space (or your console equivalent) to view donations, then follow the button prompt to donate, and voila.

If you want to donate from the map screen, which is faster, go into the map and press E (or your console equivalent) to enter the Projects tab. Press Space to view donations when you find the Project you want (only available when you have something to donate). Follow the same steps as you would if you were donating in person. Fun fact: you can also fast travel to the Projects location from this screen to pick up your rewards for completing Projects, if you have any.

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