Division 2 Sweet Dreams Score 250 - Lullaby Exotic Upgrade

Sweet Dreams score 250 is a requirement for the Lullaby exotic upgrade in The Division 2. If you’re preordered the game, you got the upgrade as part of a bonus pack. If that’s the case, you’re probably confused by it all. What does it mean? The game does a pretty poor job of explaining. That’s why we’ve written this guide, to explain to you what Division 2 Sweet Dreams Score 250 means and how to get it.

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division 2 sweet dreams score 250
Division 2 Sweet Dreams Score 250 – Lullaby Exotic Upgrade

How to get Sweet Dreams score 250?

First of all, this is not a Lullaby upgrade. It has almost nothing to do with the Lullaby shotgun. It’s actually a preorder bonus item that’s used to change the skin of another weapon, to make it look like the Lullaby.

That weapon is another shotgun, called Sweet Dreams. This upgrade will make the Sweet Dreams look like the Lullaby – that is all it does. The “score 250” in the requirement means its meant for endgame characters. It refers to gear score, which is a progression metric that takes center stage after you’ve reached the level cap. Once you hit level 30, the way to progress will be to increase your gear score by getting better items. You will also be able to use upgrades to increase the gear score of the ones you already have.

Sweet Dreams score 250 means that the Lullaby exotic upgrade skin can only be applied to a specific shotgun with a gear score of 250 or higher. This means you’ll have to wait a fair while before you can use it. It’s still too early to worry about stuff like this, but since it’s not explained well, a lot of players think it’s an actual Lullaby upgrade and want to know how to use it. Especially since they practically paid for it.



  1. M

    Found this Sweet Dreams shotgun


  2. B
    Brandon L

    So to anyone who may read this I am confused not from the the sweet dream 250 nonsense. I cannot underst addis the blueprint called “Lullaby Upgrade Gear Score” separate with the item required Lullaby SCORE 250.

    I am 460 item level in World Tier 4 with a maxed level crafting station 400 -440 and only level 1 lullaby.

    How do I get a 250 Lullaby to craft a 440 Lullaby when I’m at 460?

    Did I need a lullaby to drop randomly when I was lv30? If it drops randomly In world tier 4 at my gear score 450 will I need to craft it?

    Or do I craft Lullaby Upgrade with Sweet Dreams and then use that lullaby to craft the Lullaby Upgrade Gear Score for a 440 Lullaby?

    What is meant by Lullaby SCORE 250?

    1. T

      Yup, Brandon you need to get it as a drop from Outcast owned areas, Try the Roosevelt Island stronghold and Potomac Event Center mission, go for the named bosses and it will drop “eventually” >_<

  3. R
    Robert G Vandagriff sr

    thank you now we at least know sum shit, we never seem to be able to find , because of all the deceptive bull shit , thank you, for more in game bull shit., what about the implemented game lag latency introduced into there AI , more Bull shit, dirt AI cheaters, minimum of 30- 60 rounds to kill a enemy, and that’s a low lvl, not an elite , hah ha more bull shit. i guess the pvp world loves this one since its there fault this lag device shit was put into the shooter gaming world for all the little hack ass cheaters that suck at shooter games, oh well we still beat em, cheaters.

  4. S

    So, i just did it. And no it doesnt just change the visual. I jad a 450 sweet dreams i just picked up. I read the article and thought oh ok its just a visual thing, i do it then and it lowered my gear score to 437 and it wont let me upgrade it idk why.

    1. K

      Same here!it is terrible

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