How to Beat Margit The Fell Omen Elden Ring

You have to beat Margit the Fell Omen in Elden Ring in order to play the rest of the game. He’s not an optional boss at all; in fact, he’s the first major difficulty wall you’ll hit. In order to defeat Margit the Fell Omen, you’ll need skill, patience, a high enough level (if you’re not a Souls wizard), preparation, summons, and know when to strike. Also, a good strategy. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

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beat margit the fell omen in elden ring
Beat Margit The Fell Omen in Elden Ring

How to Beat Margit The Fell Omen in Elden Ring

To beat Margit the Fell Omen boss in Elden Ring, you’re gonna have to come prepared. The approach to the boss differs greatly depending on whether you’re melee-focused or more of a spellcaster. The former will have a much, much worse time in this fight. So, let’s start with that.

If you are brawler, we recommend getting the Crucible Set from the carriage by the road leading to Gatefront Ruins in Limgrave, if you have enough strength to not fat-roll while wearing it. If not, a Heater Shield is an absolute must, since they greatly protect against physical damage, which is the type of damage Margit mostly deals. The Vagabond class starts with it. Also, having the Dragonscale Blade is a good idea. Lastly, consider switching all your flasks to Crimson Tears.

On the other hand, spellcasters will want to have at least one Cerulean Tears to top up your FP. Ideally, you’ll have more than that. A few practice runs will help you find the balance here. As for which spells you want to have, we recommend focusing on Beast Claws or Glintstone Stars. Of course, you’ll have to keep your distance, which is not a bad trade-off. Margit seems to chill out a bit when you’re further away from him.

Now, the next step to beat or defeat the Elden Ring Margit The Fell Omen boss are the summons. These are absolutely necessary whatever your approach. First off, just before the yellow fog leading to the boss, there’s an NPC summon spot. It calls Sorcerer Rogier, who will be invaluable in the fight.

Second, make sure to have your Spirit Calling Bell handy. The best ashes summon is the Jellyfish. You get it when exhausting all dialogue with Rodericka at the Stormhill Shack site of grace. It will not only draw the attention of Margit, but also slowly poison him. That’s gonna be a huge help in the later stages of the fight.

Now for the fight itself. To beat Margit the Fell Omen in Elden Ring, summon Sorcerer Rogier in front of the fog and run right in. You don’t have to wait for him to appear, he’ll spawn on the other end of the fog if you cross it. Next, summon the Jellyfish. While it draws Margit’s attacks, approach the boss from the back and land a heavy attack, then dodge back and away when the attention is on you. Block as necessary. This will give the Jellyfish a window to attack and take the aggro. The idea is to ping-pong Margit’s attention between the two of you this way, while Rogier does his thing.

Try not to use any flasks; you’ll need them for the next phase. Keep your shield up to block almost all incoming damage, especially the ranged spirit dagger attacks. Rinse and repeat until Margit is down to half health, when the second phase begins.

To beat the second phase of the boss and defeat Margit the Fell Omen in Elden Ring, you need to adapt to his new attacks. For one, he’ll start wielding a giant spirit hammer, and all his previous attacks will be faster. Avoid his combo flurries at all costs; keep a medium distance and your shield up. Dodge as much as you can. If any of your summons are alive, use every distraction they provide to deliver a heavy attacks. It’s important they be heavy, since they can stagger Margit and leave him open to a backstab critical attack.

Eventually, though, you’ll be alone with Margit. Hopefully, the Jellyfish has thoroughly poisoned the boss at this point. There are two of Margit’s attacks that you can safely avoid. The first one is the overhead swing with his stick. After he slams the ground, you can get behind him and deliver two quick attacks or one heavy; no more than that. Dodge away immediately after delivering the blows.

The second one is the two-dagger throw, followed by the leap into the air and a hammer-smash into the ground. You can roll towards the boss through the damage of the hammer and again, deliver two quick hits or one heavy. Then run away.

One thing you’ll need to beat Margit the Fell Omen is patience. Aside from the two attacks we described above, every one of his strikes can be followed up with a brutal multi-hit combo. If you don’t avoid them (or parry them, if you’re skillful enough), they can annihilate you. So, keep your wits about you, dodge and block, and wait for a safe window to attack. Do not get greedy. Good luck.

These tips should be enough for the average player. Obviously, Dark Souls veterans will probably not have as much trouble with Margit. I’m sure they’ll be speedrunners killing the boss by sneezing on it real hard in, like, two months. A few extra points: we were level 17 when we defeated Margit. We had 16 points in both Endurance and Vigor to have enough health and stamina to withstand the fight.

Oh, yeah, spellcasters – if you have the mana, just keep your distance and keep peppering Margit with Beast Claws or Glintstone Stars while the Jellyfish and Rogier do their thing. If you do end up having to go toe-to-toe with the boss, all the stuff we wrote above applies to you, too. When you defeat Margit, one of your rewards will be a talisman pouch, which lets you equip more talismans.

Very early in your exploration of Elden Ring world you will find out that you need to prepare your character for different tasks. You'll need to learn how to use Ashes of War, how to two-hand weapons, or use magic spells during the course of your adventures. Many secrets are also waiting for you, such as, a hostile NPC Sellen that doesn't let you see her shop, an invisible man in a bush, or a huge turtle with a bell that lets you duplicate some very important items.

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