Elden Ring Godrick Great Rune, How to Get & Activate

If you’re wondering how to get and activate the Elden Ring Godrick Great Rune, you’ve come to the right place. This is likely going to be the first Great Rune you encounter, so of course, you’re gonna want to know what to do with it. Well, you first need to go to a specific location to restore it, and then you have to equip it. And even then, you have to jump through one more hoop. Don’t worry, we’ll explain the whole process in this guide, including the Elden Ring Godrick Great Rune activation part.

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elden ring godrick great rune how to get & activate
Elden Ring Godrick Great Rune, How to Get & Activate

How to Get Godrick Great Rune in Elden Ring

To get the Gordick Great Rune in Elden Ring, before you can equip and use it, you have to beat the boss called Godrick the Grafted. You’ll find him in Stormveil Castle; he’s the first boss of the game and cannot be skipped. His arena is in the north of the castle, and there’s even a site of grace nearby that bears his name. Don’t forget that you can summon Nepheli to help you in the battle. After you’ve killed Godrick, you’ll get the rune, and now you have to activate it. Fortunately, you won’t have to go too far to do this, which still doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy.

How to Activate Godrick Great Rune in Elden Ring

To activate the Godrick Great Rune in Elden Ring, double back to the Limgrave Tower Bridge site of grace, then head across the bridge to the east. There are three giants on the bridge, one of which has a bow, but you can run past all them. When you get to the end of the bridge, interact with the small vortex (location marked below).

Open the big stone doors, ride the elevator up, and walk onto the balcony. Activate the bonfire, then climb the stairs on the right all the way to the top of the tower. Interact with the golden, glittering rune between the fingers to finally restore the rune.

Elden Ring How to Equip and Use Great Rune

To equip and use the Godrick Great Rune in Elden Ring (and all other Great Runes), simply go to any site of grace and heave a seat. In the menu on the left, scroll down to Great Runes. Simply select the rune you want to slot in. Then, use a Rune Arc to actually activate it, and boom, you’re done. You don’t have to do anything else to use the Great Rune; it’s just sitting there and giving passive buffs to your stats. Keep in mind that you’ll have to spend another Rune Arc to reactivate your equipped Great Rune every time you die. Same as with the Furlcalling Finger Remedies if you want to summon other players. Screenshots taken from Gamers Heroes.

Very early in your exploration of Elden Ring world you will find out that you need to prepare your character for different tasks. You'll need to learn how to use Ashes of War, how to two-hand weapons, or use magic spells during the course of your adventures. Many secrets are also waiting for you, such as, a hostile NPC Sellen that doesn't let you see her shop, an invisible man in a bush, or a huge turtle with a bell that lets you duplicate some very important items.

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