ESO: Morrowind launches June 6, here is a list of server times it goes live

Vvardenfell awaits, Outlander! It has been some years since The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind rolled into town and changed the way people looked at RPG games and open worlds. The fan-favorite region of Tamriel is finally coming to Elder Scrolls Online on June 6.

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Early access for ESO Morrowind is already live for PC players who preordered the expansion (or bought the Collector’s Edition), although it is not without its problems. Those who have early access will be able to retain their progress once the game officially launches. There are also the public beta servers, but those do not keep your progress. PS4 and Xbox One players don’t have the option of early access.

The expansion is set in Morrowind and revolves around stopping a meteor that is about to crash into the city of Vivec. In case you were wondering, the game is set around 700 years before the events of Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. There is a new map, of course, followed by new adventures and a new class. You’ll be able to play as Warden, who harnesses nature-based magic and has a War Bear as an ally.

Servers will go live at the following times, depending on your area:

  • US – 2 am Pacific / 5 am Eastern
  • South America – 6 am BRT
  • Europe – 10 am BST / 11 am CEST
  • Russia – 12 pm (midday) MSK
  • Japan – 6 pm JST
  • Oceania – 7 pm AEST / 9 pm NZST

There will be a launch period right after launch as the servers need to be updated for the Vvardenfell adventures. The launch is a global event, and all the servers will go live at the same time so people can experience the new expansion together. There will also be a pre-load option, which might vary depending on the version of the game and the region you are in.