The Evil Within Chapter 13 - Casualties

Chapter 13 – Casualties – continues The Evil Within story and you can notice that we are getting closer to the end because of the intensity of the situationsThe Evil Within Chapter 13 Casualties

First part of the apartment building

Next to Joseph, on a nightstand next to the bed, is the first collectible Personal Document: “Journal Entry – September 2012”. As you pick it up, a nearby portal mirror becomes active.
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If you go through it, you should pick up another archive item Newspaper: “Mansion Burns Down”.While going through the building you reach the lower floors. This is where you come in contact with the first Acid Trap. Further down, an elevator is used to reach a small air vent pipe. This is where you get separated from your friend.

Fifth floor

As you leave the air vent pipe you end up on the fifth floor. This is an area full of monsters, traps, two acid traps and Ruvik’s Copy monster. Luckily, they patrol alone so you don’t have to take them on all at once. If you are low on ammo or you want to save it for later it is possible to stealth kill all the monsters, that is, all the monsters except Ruvik’s Copy (white cape guy – he can go down with two magnum shots in the head).Inside the last room to your right, before you leave this floor, is a Key Stone Statue. You can’t acquire it though as the path is blocked with a metal beam. You can, however, shoot/throw a bottle at it and collect the key later on. It is not a must, as you can do it from the 4th floor as well.

Fourth floor

This is where you can collect the Key from the Stone Statue on the 5th floor. It is located just before the hole in wall (the one near the acid trap). If you haven’t shot it from the fifth floor you can do it from here.
The Evil Within Chapter 13 Casualties 4th Floor Key Stone Statue
While on the 4th floor you can collect the key from the 5th floor Key Stone Statue
Going further you go inside another air vent tunnel. You’ll soon find yourself inside the completely ruined part of the building. Follow the edge of the room and continue onwards.

Third floor

You reach this floor as you jump toward the dead body and the metal suitcase next to it. If you haven’t acquire the Magnum weapon before you can do it here. The next hallway leads to a bloody sign door. As you look through the small hole with metal bars you get teleported inside the Hospital’s Main Hub. In there, on a missing person board, is “Joseph” poster. When you leave this area a new door unlocks. Inside that room there is a giant hole in the floor. Jump through it to the 2nd floor.

Second floor

Turn right as you jump down to the second floor and go through the first room. On top of the boxes there is another Key Stone Statue. It is really hard to notice unless you look up.
The Evil Within Chapter 13 Casualties 2nd floor Key Stone Statue
Key Stone Statue location.
Inside this area you come in contact with a new type of enemy (not exactly a new type of enemy, but rather a variation of the standard enemies). I like to call them kamikaze monsters. They carry close proximity bombs and, you guessed it right, they like to hug. As you kill the first one at the end of the tunnel turn around fast and kill the second one. The second one unlocks a previously locked door. Inside this side room, on a desk, is “Map Fragment 25”.Get back to the first exploding guy’s location and use the air vent tunnel to reach the other room. Going further in you end up in a large kitchen. This is where you spot Joseph in the distance and once again get shifted into another reality. Before continuing take time to notice a Key Stone Statue to your left. It stands on a table next to several beer crates.
The Evil Within Chapter 13 Casualties Kitchen Key Stone Statue
Kitchen Key Stone Statue Location.
This is a huge trap room. Before you move towards the exit be sure to start with no less than 3/4 of health. In order to reach the other side of the room you have to dodge metal spinning blades on the ground, go through a curtain of gas on fire, crouch bellow a spike trap and at the end disarm the acid trap.This is not the end of your troubles. Inside the next room – meat cold storage – you face the safe head monster again. Although this is a small area, hanging meat can be used as helpful obstacles between you and the safe head monster. You probably know by now (from your previous encounter with him) it likes to drop mines as well. Be ready for that and take it down as soon as possible. As it goes down another spinning metal blade shows up. It can be lethal if you are really low on health.Enter a chute, it takes you to a small storage room. There is a Key Stone Statue inside another chute to your left. Leave the room and follow the next hallway out of the building. We would like to thank user cYcLoNe for additional information.
The Evil Within Chapter 13 Casualties Ending Cutscene
Chapter ends with a longer cutscene.

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  1. C

    When you leave the chute at the end of the chapter turn left. There is another key statue in the other chute.

    1. Thank you cYcLoNe for your generous support and notes you leave under the guides. I find them extremely useful and I’ve added them all. I just hope you haven’t missed any while going through our guides. Love Lokesh.

  2. M

    You can kill most of those monsters, including Ruvik’s copy just by sneaking up. Take the one in the hallway first then swimg back around and wait for Ruvik’s copy to walk all the way in the door first. I’ve noticed with this game that I like is its harder to sneak up and kill them.

    1. L

      I just use an Ice-Bolt on the Ruvik’s copy and it one shots him. Quiet and much easier to deal with him that way.

  3. R

    Once again the best way to deal with the copy is an Icebolt.

    1. L

      I’m glad that I’m not the only one you noticed this +1

  4. M

    No mention of the keeper or “safe head guy” until the very end? You encounter him much earlier on in this level and it completely skipped over it in this guide. Tip: if you see him setting mine traps, don’t engage him. Follow him, stay stealthy and dismantle the traps.

  5. C

    the spinning green things can be killed to make life easier, just shoot with the shotgun.

  6. A
    austin andersom

    If you hit the moving saw things with the shock arrow they die for good

  7. S

    By the elevator you will see handgun bullets. I noticed once I picked them up then looked away then looked back they reappeared. Glitch?

  8. K

    Additionally, ther is a key statue in the trap room, immediately after you trigger the initial blade machines, turn left. Rather than enter the maze, turn left again and attack. The key statue is hidden in the darkness.

  9. D

    Hey great guides, just got this game on sale a week ago. $10 with all DLCs! Anyway just started the level and noticed a vending machine in the room you start with a vending machine. If you press the button you get THREE VIALS of green goo. 🙂

    1. L

      Thanks for kind words Drake, hope you are having fun with the game.

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