The Evil Within Chapter 4 - The Patient guide

Chapter 4 – The Patient introduces two new types of enemies, and you’ll need a special tactics to defeat them. For all of you who don’t care about the lore collectible items this mission will be very short.
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The Evil Within Chapter 4 The Patient

Search for Leslie

Leslie can be found in the house with a large waterwheel on the side wall. Once you get near the house he shows up and you should chase him inside to continue the mission. Be sure to search all side rooms since you’ll find a large metal rectangle suitcase with a possible weapon loot. On the other hand, if you are collecting additional lore items, you should check out shacks and a nearby house.
At the start of chapter 4 turn left and go up the stairs to the second floor of a wooden shack, where you’ll find an enemy, who will break the door. Inside a small room you can find “Map Fragment 5”, a chest with a Flash Bolt for Agony Crossbow and other more common loot.Head to the nearby large house where you’ll meet doctor’s brother. On the first floor you will come across doctor’s brother and after a short cutscene you will get achievement/trophy “Home is Where the Hospice is“. Approach a nearby desk and investigate the x-ray picture. This picture shows a key inside a dead body on the table. Put your hand inside the body and take the key.Leave the house and visit a shack where you’ll hear music. On the door you’ll find blood and Personal Document: “Journal of Sebastian Castellanos – February 2005”. Whenever you hear music in the room, look for a mirror that you can use to get inside hospital’s main hub. Collect the following items: Missing person posters: “Valerio” on a board and Newspapers “Missing Patient Found” from the newspapers stand.Note (New): Inside the hospital’s main hub there are two more Archive entries. Map Fragment 6 and 7. Map Fragment 6 is on the ground, inside Sebastian’s cell. Map Fragment 7 is inside another cell. Its door gets open shortly after you walk up to the nurse that stands near the mirror at the end of the cell hallway. Important: You can’t collect these two Map Fragments if you haven’t entered the hospital’s main hub through the “Lore” (blood sign) door in the previous chapter.

Leave the hospital’s main hub (use one of the mirrors inside) and find a shack across from the house with the large waterwheel. Inside this shack, in a hidden room, you’ll find a document: “Villager’s Note”.

How to fight an invisible enemy?

Follow Leslie and enter the house with the Waterwheel. You’ll find him inside the basement. This is the place where you’ll face a new type of enemy. This enemy is invisible and you can only notice him with discovery eye icon on the top of the screen. The best way to defeat this type of enemy is by using Agony Crossbow to place a bomb trap (shoot explosive bolts at the ground – this creates a trap), and then move slowly backwards. The enemy will go after you and activate the bomb. If you do not have explosive bolts you can use any other type of bolt to create a trap (explosive bolts are the most effective). If you, however, don’t have any bolts you can melee the enemy and kill it with any other weapon. Once you hit the enemy, it becomes visible for a few milliseconds, then you can blindly shoot in its general direction.

How to survive versus large group of enemies?

Once you leave the basement with Doctor and Leslie you find yourself in one of those Evil Within moments. You end up inside a dark, bloody pit. To leave this area you have to find a white door, but first search the area. Once you get close to the door, Ruvik will summon an army of enemies from the pit behind you. In order to defeat them efficiently you have to use explosives.
Key Location: Inside the same area, climb the metal platform that takes you from the blood pit to the switch. Press it two times, and you’ll get the stone statue.We would like to thank Haast for additional information.

How to defeat 6 legged hairy creature

Once you leave the blood pit and go through the white door you end up in an operating room. This is where you meet with a new type of creature. It has long hair, 6 legs and it’s rather fast. If you decide to save ammo and not kill the creature, turn around and run away through the hallway until you find a ladder. This ladder leads into a new hallway with two traps. When you reach the elevator you should burn a body inside it, or the six legged creature will come out of the body and kill you instantly. Elevator takes you to a small room with one exit, that leads into the final hallway. Rush through it and you are safe from the six legged creature for now.If you, however, decide to kill the creature you will have to use a lot of ammo. Monster is highly resistant to your damage. Agony (fire/harpoon) bolts come as the ultimate solution. Be sure to have them before engaging the creature. The real reason why you should kill the creature is 8 000 skill points it drops.

When you exit the final hallway and go down the stairs you’ll come across Ruvik. Since you can’t defeat him, run back towards the top of the stairs, and the cutscene will start. This is where the chapter ends.

The Evil Within How to Escape from 6 Legged Creature



  1. H

    Great! But I think you forgot to mention the location of one key in the room that appears the large group of enemies. There is one lever that makes a statue (with a key) appears when you turn it two times.

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      Thank you very much for this info!

    2. J
      John the Beast

      I actually found it so Simple to Kill the Invisible Enemy (after first spending over 2 hrs on this Impossible to even get close to a Single Hit Bastard that is! Prick)
      What I did was back in to a Corner and Simply commence ” Continuous Melee.. ( L1 + Triangle) until the Enemy Stumbled, followed by some Basic Brutal Foot Stomping. Not a Shot Fired ! !

  2. K

    Thanks so much for this guide!

  3. K

    I forgot to inform you that you made a mistake here on chapter 4’s guide and wrote instead, “At the start of the chapter 5 turn left and go up the stairs.”

  4. S

    You CAN actually kill this 6 legged creature, it took me something like 4 incendiary bolts, 1 harpoon bolt, 2 explosive bolts, and it ran into some kind of flame inside the room it spawned from that started it on fire. It ended up giving me 8000 gel points from it.

  5. A

    There’s actually an easier way to deal with the invisible enemies. 1 Flash Bolt is all you need. Wait until you see the eye open fully, meaning there’s an invisible guy close, look for the shimmer in the air. Fire a flash bolt at the ground. It will blind him and make him visible. Duck/sneak and execute him.

  6. G

    How to defeat 6 legged hairy creature:
    Thats what you said:

    Once you leave the blood pit and go through the white door you end up in an operating room. This is where you meet with a new type of creature. It has long hair, 6 legs and it’s rather fast. At this moment you can’t defeat it,

    Its not true I Kill it 🙂 and I get 8000 skill points 🙂 lol

  7. C

    There are 2 more map fragments (6 & 7) in this level. When the level starts enter the shack with the bloody door and go through the mirror.
    The first first map fragment is in sebastians cell. Then walk towards tatiana and another cell opens. Herr you can collect another map fragment.

  8. T

    Ummm.. its pretty easy to kill the 6 legged lady, use fire bolts to slow her down then after each bolt use explosive bolt or grenades OR shotgun.

    1. Y

      Who the FUC* has fire bolts at chapter 4??!?!?!

  9. W
    Whiskerus Maximus

    In the video killing the 6 legged creature, what difficulty was that? I think I need to up my reload speed for the Agony Bow because I could only pump one Harpoon Bolt into her before she did her disappearing act and had to pump her full of buckshot.

    1. Sorry for the late respond, it was on survival difficulty, and I think I had that reload agony upgraded.

  10. A

    Do you have a complete walkthrough from Youtube? if so please send me your link that was so cool and Thanks !!!

  11. J

    You need to get fragment 6 before you go to the end of the cell that opens

  12. J

    As for fragment 7 it pops up on a sink after the screen flashes

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