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Benevolent Leader is an achievement in Fallout 4. You can earn it by having a large village with a maximum happiness level under your wing.
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This guide will show you how to reach maximum happiness in a large settlement in Fallout 4 and unlock the Benevolent Leader trophy.

fallout 4 benevolent leader achievement

How to unlock Benevolent Leader achievement

Very few people have managed to unlock this trophy, and only a handful have shared their process. Here’s a good setup for making your citizens happy:
  • Stats: Charisma at 10 or 11
  • Perks: Local Leader 2 and Cap Collector 2.
  • Resources: 16,000 bottle caps and a bunch of building materials
Here are the steps you’ll have to take to prepare your village:
  1. Build a large settlement – A village is considered to be large if the “size” bar in the building menu is more than 3/4 full (it will change color).
  2. Send all your companions away – You’ll want only settlers here.
  3. Attract settlers – You can have 20 people with 10 Charisma. Build radio beacons to attract them, or send them over from other settlements. Four people should be assigned to working on food, while others will tend to shops.
  4. Gather resources – Make sure you have 1 of each food, water and beds for every settler. Beds need to be indoors (under a roof, preferably behind a door).
  5. Set up defenses – Raise your defense to at least 100. The minimum is the sum of food and water.
  6. Build shops – Build as many level 3 shops as you can (you should be able to build 16) – clinics, general traders, restaurants and clothing shops. They increase happiness. Don’t forget to assign villagers to them.

How to reach maximum happiness in a large settlement

Now comes the hard part – when everything’s built, you’ll have to use your presence to increase happiness. You shouldn’t leave the settlement before you’ve unlocked the achievement – there’s a bug that makes happiness decrease when you’re away by not registering certain conditions. Here’s what you need to do:
  • Walk around for a couple of minutes, maybe ring the Bell to attract your villagers. Being near you makes them happy. Use this time to check if happiness is indeed rising.
  • Sleep for 24 hours.
  • Repeat until it’s done.
  • If you get stuck at 98/99, start throwing decorations around like crazy – paintings, fountains, sculptures, etc.
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  1. D

    I’m stuck at 99 happiness I have a millions paintings 20 food , water 21 beds and 186 defence but the happiness won’t go up and I can’t build anything more

    1. P

      you may have a synth in your settlement, if you go into vats by hold q if they have energy armor i think (same stuff that synths have) kill them and know one will get angry in the settlement.

      1. 8

        Is it really possible to have synths? What do they do?

        1. J

          After a while, if a synth is kept long enough in your settlement, the institute will attack the settlement

      2. A

        The only way to tell if a character is a synth is to loot the synth component from their corpse.

    2. C

      If you stay there and get the green arrow going up you can walk away without it bugging. How I got it to go up in a way where I could actually play and not stand around is this, I would sleep in the settlement for 24 hours then I would run to the south fighting anything in my way, basically gathering ex. Periodically I’d check my map and look at the settlment. Important though, don’t look under the workstation part on your pipboy where it shows you settlment details, I think it’s bug too and happiness will drop. If you look on the map and happiness went up, fast travel back and sleep for 24 hrs. Wash and repeat. Takes a while but at least your doing stuff. I used red rocket with 6 settlers 5 clinics and piper picking fruit. Preston came with me. You can even do missions if you walk to them from your settlment . Hope it helps.

      1. C

        THANK YOU!! This put me over the top on those last couple points. I really do think its xp driven, granted everything else is set up correctly. I did the outpost zimonja set-up with 6 settlers, 5 clinics, 7 beds, 70 defense, and all the moose paintings I could handle. Oh and my size bar was not in the yellow. I had it that way for a while, but I kept dropping from 99 to 96 in that state. Instead, running out to a nearby location, killing all the things, fast traveling back when happiness went up a point, and sleeping got me from 96-100 in about 20 minutes at level 57. Almost as further proof, the trophy popped while I was out killing ferals at Bedford Station. xxxxxxxxx

  2. A
    Amish Gamer

    Dont forget to ring the gathering bell and hang around all the settlers, also, put all the beds in one large building and sleep in the same room as them. Stay in the settlement for 24 hours straight by sitting in a chair, right the bell, then sit in the chair and fast forward time for about 10-16 hours, then sleep and do it again.

  3. A
    Arkai Scott

    Thanks for the advices ! It’s the only achievement left for me and by far the hardest one to get (my opinion). I tried one time at Sanctuary and i got stuck at 97 happiness so i had to restart from scratch but at the Red Rocket (when you get Dogmeat), because at Sanctuary Mama Murphy / Sturges didn’t want to work.

  4. A
    Arkai Scott

    I also tried to interact with them thanks to the gathering bell // sleep in the same room as them but the happiness didn’t increase faster.

    For the moment my happiness increased like that : 70 -> 75 -> 80 -> 84 , i have to wait half an hour for the happiness to increase…

  5. L

    HOW TO DO IT WITH 6 Settlers and 9000 caps

    Saw this post on reddit…and its the one i use … it works

    Go to a small settlement like Red Rocket Station. Build 6 or 7 beds indoors. Plant 6 mutfruit. Build defense up to about 60. Build 5 tier3 (surgery station) clinics. Build enough wooden crates until your size goes yellow, meaning becomes large. You find wooden crates under furniture/containers. Build 2 or 3 water pumps. I did it with 3 but should work with 2. Go to another settlement and send 6 people to your chosen settlement, or use recruitment radio beacon (make sure to disable beacon after 6 people have arrived). Assign 1 person for food. Assign rest 5 people to clinics. 1 for each clinic. Wait for happiness to go up. After happiness goes up, sleep for 24 hours (thats why I made 7 beds, 1 for me). Repeat previous sentence.
    P.S. Never leave the settlement while doing this. It could bug out and happiness could drop.
    EDIT: People have been saying that you don’t need to build crates to increase the size. You can still get the trophy without it. Also some have said that adding pictures increases happiness speed.

    1. J

      What was your charisma at?

    2. W

      This pattern worked for me–thanks for posting. Charisma was at ten. I used Abernathy farm (probably not the easiest choice but it got the job done). I had better luck sitting in a chair and waiting near all the settlers than sleeping. Had to roam around them a lot before happiness started to move up. I built a bell inside the main building and had my six settlers crowd around, then sat & waited or slept. Used tons of decorations and it finally worked.

    3. H

      This worked for me. Thank you very much.

    4. K

      Thank you SO much for this tip. With this strategy and a couple of small tweaks, I got this trophy very easily and quickly (probably an hour including the entire setup of the settlement).

      Did this at Red Rocket… To clarify, no power is necessary for this as mine was at zero. And, I did ask someone at Sanctuary to run a supply line to Red Rocket and the trophy still popped for me. I did not remove the supply line (though I think the issue would come from having a settler AT Red Rocket running a supply line).

      I went straight to 100 with no dips in happiness and an increase in happiness after every 24-hour rest with the following setup:

      – Followed the guide above explicitly
      – Inside Red Rocket, I put up maybe 15 to 20 cat pictures… Because how could you not be happy with 20 kittens staring at you.
      – Right inside the doorway, I placed a bell and a chair.
      – Rang the bell and just stood there waiting for happiness to go up. It took anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes each time. Once it went up, sat in the chair and waited 24 hours. Ring, wait for happiness to go up, sit for 24 hours, repeat.

      There were big jumps from 60 to 90. From 90 to 96 it jumped two points at a time, then one a time from 97 to 100. But again, with this setup, I never had to tweak anything due to dips or slow-downs in happiness. I thought this worked unusually well, based upon what I’ve reading in terms of other people’s experiences, so thought I would share.

      Thanks again for posting this, Leron.

    5. T

      Took some grinding but also worked for me. Was about to throw in the towel.

    6. K

      Just want to let everyone know, this still works! It took a while and I plastered down decorations and paintings, but it works! (I played on ps4)

    7. O


      DO NOT DO THE ARTICLE’S METHOD, USE THIS REDDITOR’S METHOD. On 10 Charisma it look me around an hour and a half to get this to work.

      I varied this method slightly by giving each settler their own prefab house with pictures, a nuka cola machine, a cigarette machine, and a radio tuned to classical. I also plastered every wall with cat/puppy pictures so that everywhere a settler went they saw one. I also had an icebox, nuka cola machine, all workbenches, and a coffee machine (no idea if this helped but it might).

      I DID NOT add boxes to increase the settlement size. I also LEFT the settlement around 60 happiness to do some quests and sell items so that I could afford three more clinics.

      My happiness went up very consistently every 24-48 hour wait/sleep. I found that sleeping after ringing the bell was more effective than waiting, and that waiting was generally more effective than sleeping.

      The only issue I had was that I had to replace some broken machine gun turrets after a radscorpian attack. Once they had taken damage, happiness seemed to stop increasing so I scrapped them and built new ones.

  6. J

    For this trophy anytime your happiness goes up one point, sleep for 24hrs. I watched a video that claimed this helps and it did. I finally got the trophy.
    I tried all the tips to make the settlers happy, but I couldn’t seem to get past 97. I was down to 92 when I started sleeping for 24hrs each time I gained another point and I finally managed to get to 100 after only 40mins of using this tactic. Hope it helps.

  7. T
    The cool man

    I was doing just what the guide said and had 98 happiness. As soon as it ticked into 99 my happiness started going down, of course all my resources are green so i dont know what might be causing the sudden drop.

  8. Finally got my achievement, though I seriously think it’s bugged. It should not require this much finagling. Made quick slideshow:

  9. T
    The Patriot

    Just completed and wanted to add a pro tip:

    Re-decorate! I was stuck at 96. I pulled 5-10 paintings off the wall and put them back up. Slept for 24 hours (daytime to daytime), rang the bell, and repeated. I gained a point in every sleep cycle except for 99->100 which took about 3 sleep cycles. I didn’t have supply lines at this point, and no cloth remaining to make paintings. Storing them and then replacing them, seems to have the same effect. Do it every sleep cycle.

    Some other tips:

    Don’t try Sanctuary. It’s hard. Preston was bugged (no companion dialog) so I couldn’t send him away, and Mama Murphy was alive and saved so she was also useless, although bother were still taking up a bed. I relocated to the drive-in and rebuilt there. It sucked, but really didn’t take that long. Do three repeatable missions, grab everything, bring it back to your shops and sell it. Sell ammo for the guns you never use, etc.

    No supply lines. They take up a bed and settler slot. Rest or sleep until all your supply line provisioners show up and get reassigned as settlers in other settlements.

    No charisma clothes if you are at 10 chr. I managed to attract 22 settlers with 10 chr and chr clothes. This was fine up until 97, at which point my happiness dropped to 93 overnight. I even had two extra lvl 3 clinics for the two extra settlers. Did matter. I was in constant down arrow. Took off the clothes and sent two settlers away, and started going back up again in one sleep cycle.

  10. G

    This is much easier to do at a small site with 6 people.
    One person on food and five medical clinics.
    7 prefab buildings with a bed and a door.
    Build things that are decorations during the sleep and repeat time.
    And never leave the area. So have all the components you need to build with in supply line.

  11. T

    I just went from 23 settlers to 20′

    Seems 20 is the magic number.

  12. K

    I need help, I followed this guide and I’m stuck at 89, I’m using covenant as my main settlement, any other tips someone can give me?

  13. J

    Thanks for the help. I juat wish there was a better way to get to 100 than just spam shops.

  14. S

    Outpost zimonja 3 settlers 2 on rank 3 clinics and one on food. Do some quests and boom your done

  15. B
    Bacon man

    as of posting this only 0.9% of all people on PC have this I am proud to announce I finally Got it By spending 1.7 hours of wasted time

  16. T
    Tony the whiskey pony

    JUUUUUUUUUUSTTTT GOT IT! This actually does work, and theirs no need to take paints and shit down, just keep putting up stuff, whenever your bar doesn’t change. Last thing I dropped before I got it, I put down a cig machine and a radio on top and GODAMN WAAAABAM!! Achievment unlocked 😉 thanks this really helped I’m basically done this terrible, terrible game.

  17. B
    Bradley Curtis

    This method works perfectly I don’t know if the speed of happiness is different on other people’s games but mine took 2 hours from 0-89 in one session and about the same for 89-100. from 89 it went up around +1 or +2 each time it raised. also to make note about where you place turrets, while being attacked when I got to 97 happiness I got attacked by a legendary and a normal deathclaw. my turrets got most of the work done but in the cross fire my turrets damaged a couple of mutfruit plants and stalls. but if you notice a red down arrow a possible reason is because you need to repair a stall/plant. you can find out by ringing a bell so settlers move away go into workshop mode and instead of being able to select the stall/plant with A/X button which ever console it should say repair. plants require a mutfruit and stalls require I think 1 wood and steel and 180 caps to repair. Be weary of bugs and glitches. this was the last achievement for me and my friend I tried at sanctuary first but I had trouble with Preston f#cking garvy being a d#ck so I tried this at red rocket stop. My friend tried it at finch farm and it messed up big time it went from 20 settlers to 40 but there was only 20 still there but it went down in happiness because the game actually thought there was 40 the only way he fixed it was by reloading an old save . Just keep an eye on the the arrows which tell you if happiness is going up or down. If at any point it’s down investigate quickly and solve asap if you follow the above method the only 2 noteable problems I had was when ringing the bell it stopped the settlers doing there work and I had to assign them back so check your stalls and plants to make sure they are assigned. And if anything needs repairing other than that I had no problem. You know your on the right track if you’ve got a constant up arrow my friend was stuck on 99 with no up arrow so everyone was in a mutual state he didn’t know why but all he did was carried on walking amongst his villagers I noticed it just jump to 100 with a down arrow but he still unlocked it. Great guide but follow it properly it should work

  18. i’ve managed to get 100% happiness in just over an hour with just 3 settlers, two lvl3 clinics, 4 mutfruits and a couple of turrets
    here’s the video:

  19. H

    Good tips here. Just wanted to add that you *CAN* go and protect other settlements while waiting around…in fact, I earned my trophy when defending Jamaica Plain while leaving Starlight Drive at 98 with 16 clinics going…I got the trophy in the battle. If your happiness goes down when you leave though (mine didnn’t), you might not want to risk it

  20. F
    Finally got it!

    I got it and I thought I would tell everybody how I did it in case it helps. Basically I had 23 settlers, defense of 190, water 27, food 24, beds 35 and I had 17 of the emporium shops all of them either medical, bar, clothing or trader. When I got up to about 90, I had about 16 emporium shops and I assigned settlers to all the shops. Some of them were kind of lazy and would desert their post. Those settlers I would send to another settlement and then go to another settlement to send a settler back to Sanctuary. Eventually I got a group of settlers who would all stay at their posts. But the happiness kept going down when I left the settlement. So I would come back and keep ringing the bell and hanging out to get the happiness to go up. Like I would wait for a while ring the bell, sleep, ring the bell again. Eventually the happiness got up to 98 but would not go up any more and had a down arrow on it indicating it was going to go down. Then I created the 17th emporium and assigned Jun Long to it who seemed to always leave but I was getting desperate. Then all of a sudden it jumped up to 99. But it did not have an arrow going up or down. Then I started creating a bunch of furniture resources a bunch of paintings and a large dumpster and a bunch of garbage cans. Then the happiness went back to having an up arrow on it so 99 but with an up arrow. Then I just kept waiting around and ringing the bell to gather all the settlers and eventually it went up to 100. It took a really long time to finally get to 100 pretty frustrating but it felt great once I got there.

    One of the things that I did that helped to get a lot of stuff for building is I established trade routes between all of the settlements so each settlement is connected to exactly two other settlements. One settlement it is getting provisions from and it is sending provisions to another settlement. I also had scavenging stations at all of my settlements and caravan stations at all of my settlements. I am not sure how much that helped but eventually I had plenty of resources at Sanctuary to build whatever I wanted.

    I had to use 23 as the number because I had 17 settlers at emporiums, 4 for food, 1 as the provisioner and then Mama Murphy and Sturges who you cannot command. I also had Dogmeat there and Codsworth who you also cannot command. I probably did not need to create so many beds but the settlers kept complaining about not having enough beds.

    1. C

      Hey guys thanks for all the advice. I got it to pop last night but I learned something. If you fast travel from your settlement it will bug and happiness with drop drastic lyrics but.. if you stay there angry get the green arrow going up you can walk away without it bugging. How I got it to go up in a way where I could actually play and not stand around is this, I would sleep in the settlement for 24 hours then I would run to the south fighting anything in my way, basic lyrics gathering ex. Periodically I’d check my map and look at the settlment. Important though, don’t look under the workstation part on your pipboy where it shows you settlment details, I think it’s bug too and happiness will drop. If you look on the map and happiness went up, fast travel back and sleep for 24 hrs. Wash and repeat. Takes a while but at least your doing stuff. I used red rocket with 6 settlers 5 clinics and piper picking fruit. Preston came with me. You can even do missions if you walk to them from your settlment . Hope it helps.

  21. R

    If you defend other settlements, I think it’s okay to leave whatever settlement you’re building in. Every time I left my settlement to defend another one, my happiness went up. Considering starting over, since I set up so many supply lines and now I can’t locate the provisioners. I too, started in Sanctuary and built all of my shops so I don’t know whether to scrap them and create a supply line to RRTS. to rebuild or try to make more caps. tried all the caps hacks and failed. lol.

  22. C

    Im at Sanctuary i have 21 people , 30 food,80 water, 249 defense and 23 beds and my happiness goes from 99 with a down arrow to 98 with no arrow none of them are synths, and i have a F*uck ton of puppy,cat Napoleon Howard paintigs please help!

    1. I just got the achievement, in Sanctuary with companions: Strong, Cait, Piper, Deacon, Dogmeat, Curie, MacCready, Codsworth, Preston, that Ghoul from Goodneighbor, a woman (I can’t remember her name) I picked up in a radio station, Ada, and a robot I created during the first DLC. Plus some settlers, totaled 20 population. Mama Murphy overdosed on chems I supplied to her early on in the game. It cost me about 50,000 caps, for surgery clinics, and what not. 20 beds, 10 tv sets, Kitten portraits plastered all over the place, a bell, a trading post, 180 defense (overkill), statues, fountains, bumped up my happiness to 99%. I sat on that park bench right outside the main house, for seven days, and when I got up to check the happiness meter, it still hadn’t budged, so I hung a few more kitten and puppy portraits, and some throw rugs (3), and that my friend, bumped me up to 100% happiness, and one of the most difficult achievements I’ve ever earned. 🙂

  23. B

    Also, if Cait is your lover, dont have her in the settlement you are trying to 100%. Mine stopped at 98 and after I sent her away it continued to rise

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