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When you dismiss your companions in Fallout 4, you can send them to any of your settlements. The trouble with this is that you have no idea where exactly they’ll go once there, and settlements tend to get large and densely populated after a time.
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This guide will show you how to find companions in settlements in Fallout 4.

How to find Dogmeat in settlements

where to find dogmeat in settlementDogmeat has a habit of lounging in a doghouse when off duty. The problem with this is that many settlements come with a bunch of pre-built doghouses, and he considers them all fair game. When you first decide to build a new village, one of your first moves should be scrapping all but one of them. Move the one that’s left to a convenient spot, and you’ll know when to find him most of the time.

Where to find companions in settlements

When they’re not travelling with you, your companions will wander their designated settlement. Their lives go on even when you’re not there, so you’ll rarely find them where you left them. There’s an item that can help you find them when the need arises – the Bell. Here’s how you can make it:
  • Go into build mode.
  • Select Resources
  • Select Miscellaneous.
  • Select Bell (it costs 4 wood and 4 steel).
  • Put it in a convenient place.
fallout 4 how to find companions in settlement
When you ring the bell, all the NPCs in the village will gather around you, including your companions. Then you’ll be able to access their inventories, or switch active companions with no hassle. If the companion you’re looking for doesn’t show up, it means you’ve sent him elsewhere.




  1. B
    Barry Worthington

    Do you know when you get paliden dense as companion???

    1. L
      Life Giver

      When you start working for the elder in the prydwen

    2. S

      you can actually have him sooner than that if you complete his quest at the cambridge police station. then you can recruit him before the prydwen even shows up in the commonwealth. nearly right at the start of the game you can get him as a companion. u just need to complete his questline. cant remember the name. sorry. but search for danse at the wiki after clicking the top like in google, after searching “fallout 4 wiki”. no more time but id be willling to bet you all the quests and exactly how to do this would be the top link in google search “fallout 4 wiki paliden danse”

  2. A

    I have over 20 or so settlements, and no idea how to find valentine, because i got high on acid played the game and sent him to a random settlement. why is there no way to find out were he is?

    1. K

      Same here. Have this stupid Super Mutant with me who just wont find his milk! Im tired of him and want my cyborg back but I cant find him anywhere …

      1. D
        David O'Neil

        Same. This article didn’t exactly answer the question. There should be a menu option to look up which settlement you sent your companions to.

        1. T

          Go back to his place in diamond city. I’ve noticed that if you send your companions to a settlement they will be there but also when you go to where they actually live when you first meet them they will also be there.

    2. V

      lmao sounds like some shit i’d do

  3. M

    “How to find your companion: check every settlement looking for him.”

    Wow great tip thanks

    1. J

      Yep. Without mods, this is the only way to find a missing companion.

  4. J

    Be warned about the bell function. It will not summon dogmeat if he is in a doghouse. It took me hours of looking for dogmeat to discover this.

  5. J

    Yeah, I left Valentine @ Boston Airport with 1 other settler…have suply lines, defense…etc. He is no where to be found(used the bell, even destroyed all my work to see of he was stuck in a wall). I went back to Diamond city and he’s not there either and I even went so far as to go through all my quest, backtracking to see if he was around. Alas no Valentine. He seemed to go missing after I picked up Hancock and this is when I sent him to Boston Airport.

    1. D

      Tried his office (obvious iknoe)

  6. L
    lucas fagway

    maybe u clicked a destination other than boston airport, or accidently highlighted a different one when going to press send and didnt notice. sometime sit kind of bugs on the menus where u select an option.

  7. K
    K ball

    Also beware that ringing the summoning bell not only brings all the NPC to the bell location, but what is detrimental (and I’m amazed that no one mentions this ANYWHERE) is that it releases EVERYONE FROM THEIR DUTIES. You then have to re assign EVERY one. At least this it true on XBOX ONE AND PS4. I don not play on pc so no idea regarding that. But POSITIVE that this happens on the two consoles. Even Ronnie Shaw is somehow mysteriously UN ASSIGNED to the castle armory.
    Absolutely detrimental to the castle at least because she can NOT be re assigned to ANYTHING. fn ridiculous

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