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Curie is a Mr.Handy robot and one of the companions in Fallout 4. She’s well armed and good at science, thus a great choice for low intelligence builds.
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This guide will show you how to recruit Curie, what she can do and how to raise her relationship level.

fallout 4 curie companion
  • Name: Curie
  • Type: Mrs. Handy Robot Medic
  • Location: Vault 81
  • Quest: Emergent Behaviour
  • Romance: Yes
  • Perk: Combat Medic

Curie’s location

Curie can be found in one of the vaults – Vault 81. She can be found on the lowest floor of the secret part of the vault.

How to get Curie

In order to recruit her, you first need to do a couple of things:

  • When you get into the vault, let Austin take you on a tour.
  • In the classroom, talk to Erin.
  • Go to the reactor and talk to everyone.
  • Get Erin’s cat back, then head for the infirmary.
  • Start doing the Hole in the Wall quest.
  • She’ll be in the room with the cure. Talk to her and tell her you’re from Vault-Tec security.
  • Finish the quest.
curie companion fo4
After that, she’ll express the wish to travel with you and explore the world.

Curie’s perks & abilities

Abilities: Curie is armed with a laser pistol with infinite ammo, and does very well for herself at short-to-mid range. She’s also skilled in medicine and science. If you’re going with a low intelligence build, she should be among your top choices.
Perk: Combat Medic (Once per day, heal 100 points if health falls below 10%)

How to reach maximum relationship level with Curie

Curie is one of the rare non-human companions you can enjoy a romance with. She likes it when you’re kind to others (and her), as well as resolving conflicts without violence. She hates drug addicts and selfishness. Finishing her quest will also increase her affinity towards you.

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  1. H

    To get Curie, all you actually need to do is enter Vault 81, give your blood sample to one of the Doctors in the clinic (He will ask you for it), I’m pretty sure but not exactly sure about having to save Ashes, then leave the vault, wait or sleep for 24 hours, go back inside and to the Clinic and the quest will begin there.

    1. M
      M DeVuyst

      What “gifts” does she like?

    2. P

      you are correct, no need to save ashes, just give blood, leave, wait, and get quest

  2. D

    I’m more interested in knowing who’s her voice actress is, her voice and her french accent is hot, too bad she’s a robot 🙁

    1. D

      Well, she can be transfered into woman synth body, and it will make her look 100% human. So, if you ever wanted to have our own EDI…

      1. S
        Scarlett Whisper

        Look 100% human? Gen 3’s are 100% human. They are just biologically engineered humans. Or the equivalent of a test tube baby. The only differences between gen 3’s and humans are that one is made by the insitute and has a ‘limiter’ chip in their brain. Makes them easier to control by the insitute as Gen 3’s have absolute free will without it.

    2. P

      It’s Sophie Cortina, I believe.

    3. M

      Dont look her up!!! Just keep the imagination going it much better trust me. You can make her into a synth so then she has a human body, yes, with the accent lol 🙂

  3. L
    Lou Skunt

    Her perk doesn’t even work

    1. C

      Oh, so I’m not the only one who doesn’t know how this perk works. If it works. Because I can’t proc it on falling from a building.

    2. G
      Game Guide Pro

      It does work! Trust me…her perk heals you to 100% health when you health goes below ten percent! But that doesn’t meN your able to just stand right in front of an enemy and let him or her shoot you & it only works once a day

  4. S
    Space Pope


    -Space Pope

    1. A

      Don’t kinkshame me

  5. D

    Has anyone had a problem with getting curie as their companion. I’ve done all the triggers but bobbi doesn’t seem to show up to the clinic. Any thoughts or solutions?

    1. G

      It’s austin not bobbi, I got it a day after I visited vault81, and did not get ashes the cat or follow austyns tour. I only gave blood, stole, and left. Worst comes to worst… just wait for the quest to pop up after your first visit to vault 81 (after giving blood) or maybe you have it and missed it pop up… which in this case the quest will be sitting in miscellaneous

  6. A

    Well, is she as strong as Codsworth ? Does she have those bladed-saw and stuff… I mean, I could have a strong companion who can save my ass when in need though and some romance..?

    1. T

      She has a laser pistol

    2. N

      Curie picks up weapons all the time and uses them. One second she’s dicing someone up with a sword the next she’s using a missile launcher.

  7. A

    I was hoping to use her as a companion but can she die?

  8. J

    Hey what happens if you nuked the institute and try and make curie into a synth?

    1. B
      Bryce T Irby

      She can still be made into a synth

  9. T
    TJ nunya

    Lmfao some guide you got here….. literally complete misinformation on how to get her as a companion did u even play the game?

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