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Fallout 4 Power Armor provides great protection from all kinds of damage. This walking fortress demands considerable amount of resources and time to modify all components, but the great news is that you can do some small changes that can be very effective.

How to change Power Armor color

Before you can change the color scheme of your Power armor, you have to find Hot Rodder magazine. It will permanently unlock a new custom paint job for your Power Armor.

  • You can change the color at the Power Armor Station.
  • Choose Craft -> Inventory- Available Mods – No Material Mode
  • If you apply Hot Rod Flames paint on all parts of your armor, it will increase +1 Agility
  • Don’t worry painting job doesn’t cost anything

How to get different paint schemes

  • Complete the quest: “When Freedom Calls” in The Minutemen to unlock a Minutemen paint scheme for T-45 Power Armor.
  • Complete the quest: Tradecraft to unlock a Railroad paint scheme for T-51 Power Armor.
  • Complete the quest: Atom Cats to unlock an Atom Cats paint scheme for T-60 Power Armor.
  • Complete the Brotherhood of Steel Quest: Shadow of Steel to unlock a BOS paint scheme for T-60 Power Armor.
  • Complete the quest: Nuclear Family in The Institute to unlock an Institute paint scheme for X-01 Power Armor.
  • Collect Hot Rodder Magazines to unlock Red color for Power Armor
Hot Rodder #1Robotics Disposal Ground
Inside a small concrete cottage, look on the desk in the left corner.
Hot Rodder #2Atom Cats Garage
On the bedside table in Zeke’s trailer.
Hot Rodder #2West Roxbury
Head west from the Hospital and look inside the Funhouse parking lot, on the top floor bed.

red power armor color
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