December's Child - Unique Fo4 Far Harbor Weapon Guide

December’s Child is one of the new unique weapons in Fallout 4. It was added in the Far Harbor DLC, and you can get it during the quest Best left forgotten, which is one of the most amazing quests in Far Harbor DLC.
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We can assure you that you’ll have to use all your brain cells to solve some parts of the quest.

The rifle has 25% faster fire rate and 15% faster reload. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to obtain December’s Child Rifle in Far Harbor, its stats and what it looks like.

How to get December’s Child

At the end of the main quest Best left forgotten, you’ll get a task to Uncover DiMA’s Secret Medical Facility. In the Vim! Pop Factory, you’ll come across a terminal that will start a conversation with you to check if you are an approved user. In order to get permission to go into the room, you’ll have to pass the speak check test. Your other solution is to bring Valentine with you, who will help you get into the room. Once inside the room, you’ll find December’s Child rifle on the metal table next to a big chest.

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    Shawn Caldwell

    Check out the description, it says “Lighter and uses 5.56 ammo,25 % faster fire rate, 15% faster reload.”, but on the stats it actually uses .308.

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