DiMA's Memory retrieval puzzle solutions | Fallout 4 Far Harbor

As part of the main quest in Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC you will be tasked with hacking into DiMA’s old memories. These are located inside the Children of Atom base and present a new gameplay mechanic in Fallout 4. There are these five bug like creatures that need to go to the memory retrieval point and back to the starting point. The way between these is blocked by red force fields or there is no road they can cross. You have an interface similar to the workshop screen where you can build three things – regular code blocks (used to build paths), Defense constructs (you get 5 of these turrets to defend against security) and decoder relay (used to redirect the light beam that breaks down red force fields). Your task is to construct roads with code blocks, redirect the light beam to destroy red force fields blocking the path and at the end secure the path so the little bugs can safely retrieve data to the starting point. In this guide we’ll provide you with a video showing solutions to all puzzles and some detailed explanations on how to solve some of the harder parts.

Memory retrieval puzzle tips

The first thing you should be aware of is that the puzzle solving works like building in your settlement. This means that you can store Code blocks, turrets and relays. This is extremely helpful later on because you can store your stuff from one place and use it in another. I recommend you just store every block you come across and when you are sure what and where you need to build you start building with stored blocks.

Keep in mind that you can also rotate the placement of decoder relays with your right mouse button to direct the beam in the direction you need it to go.

Defending the little bugs once they start retrieving data is easy. Red security attackers spawn at two places on the map. Make sure you place at least two turrets near their spawning points. This should help protect your guys throughout their journey.

The main problem is finding a way to redirect the light beam to destroy all red force fields blocking the path of your little friends. Make sure you explore the whole puzzle and look vertically as well, because solutions are mostly on different ground levels than where you start at.

Memory puzzle 5 solution – 0Y-8K7D

The only puzzle that is a real challenge is the fifth (last) one. Zone is much larger and you need to figure out how to get rid of all the force fields and how to place the relays to get the beam to remove the last force field protecting the core. First make sure you pick up and store any and all code blocks at the start. You will need them to build paths. Images bellow shows the path you should be taking as you solve the puzzle.

1. Go to the central structure and store all code blocks and a relay into your workshop inventory. Now put up three code blocks and a relay facing left under the light beam to unlock the structure to the left.
2. Build a bridge to over there and pick up code blocks and a relay.
3. In the middle put another three blocks and a relay facing straight (away from where you started and the end is).
4. You can build a bridge to the structure behind to pick up extra code blocks (you need to do this to have enough). Make sure you pick back up the code blocks you used to build the bridge.
5. Build a bridge to the little island top left and make the code block pillar and relay redirecting the light beam towards the right side of the room.
6. Build a bridge to the furthest central structure. Pick up all the code blocks there to free the way for the light beam.

memory puzzle 5 solution a far harbor fallout 4
7. Go back to the beginning and create a bridge to the structure to the right. Pick up the relay and also jump up and climb until you reach the upper floors of the right hand structures. Pick up all the code blocks you can.
8. Inside the central right structure build a small sideways block and attach the relay sideways so you remove the force field in the bottom right structure.

9. Now build a bridge to get the relay on top of the bottom right structure and jump down to get the relay you just freed from the force field.

10. The hard part is this. Go to the central right structure and drop down to where the light beam comes out.
11. Build a pillar here that is 6 blocks high and attach a relay that will redirect the light beam in the direction of the final force field.
12. Build another pillar and relay to redirect the light beam towards the final force field.
13. Back at where you started put another relay that will finally unlock the end point.

memory puzzle 5 solution c far harbor fallout 4

Here’s a video showing the previously described process:

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  1. T

    i hate this puzzle.

  2. D

    Thanks for this. The last part really threw me for a loop. I really wish Bethesda had found a different way to do this puzzle if they felt a puzzle was absolutely needed. It was sort of immersion breaking… for me at least.

    1. D

      I felt the same. I got stuck and spent way too long trying to solve it and It made me lose track of my game.

  3. A

    I messed up pretty bad I got one of my beam blocks stuck in the middle of the fire wall and now I can’t move it and I have no ideas how to restart or if there is any way to restart, I need help please!

    1. S

      turn noclipping on ‘tcl’ in the command line
      go through the wall grab the block store it, and turn clipping back on with ‘tcl’ command

      1. A

        What about if we’re playing on a console and not computer?

        1. B
          Brooke Russell

          Please help! I am playing on PS4 and my beam block is stuck in the firewall too. How to get it out?

  4. R

    If we wanted to play Minecraft, we would have purchased Minecraft. Thanks for the tips, but this quest really ticked me off. It takes way too long for little information.

    1. B

      Maybe worse, it’s way to long just to string us alomg to more busy work.

  5. J

    Fuck the asshole who conceived this puzzle. I’m done with this dlc

  6. R

    The first four puzzles were ok. This one… ridiculous. Bethesda just wanted people to think they were getting “bang for their buck” by having to spend hours one this one puzzle. Kind of ridiculous and certainly not what the Fallout franchise was supposed to be. Come on Bethesda! Really????

    1. B

      Let’s call it what it is: lazy padding. Really not unlike the settlement system (but maybe far worse than that, in many ways.. I just finished a long comment of my own about it.)

      The DLC is supposed to be the biggest landmass they’ve ever done in a DLC, but there’s such a pitiful amount of content here that it’s almost not even worth it. Then they pull this crap and force us -because it’s a main story objective- to drag our feet through this just so they can say we’ve spent an extra few hours playing this.

      I’m not going to be surprised at all of 2 years from now we’re reading about how Bethesda just threw Fallout 4 together quickly (after the hoax Commonwealth Fallout tease) and had us pay to beta test unfinished ideas.

  7. B

    I just got finished with this and holy hell this shit was just stupid. I’m all for new ideas but this was anything but that. It wasn’t even just a Minecraft (down to the pixelated blocks) ripoff, but it was a Portal knockoff as well… Why the hell do all these companies keep thinking we want to play a stripped down version of Portal? First Ubisoft in AC:Revelations and now Bethesda in what should be an epic DLC (which is really falling short of that). Leave Steams’s idea alone everyone, you’re not doing it justice.

    Did whoever came up with this really think the idea of roaming through actual memories would be too much of a rehash of dealing with Kellogg? Or too much like certain stuff from Fallout 3? Or something?! I mean, yeah, it would have, but it would have been much better then this drek. It would have at least kept my head in the game rather then taking me completely out of it.

    And that’s the worst part of all of this, it was just implemented in the worst way. Even when you talk to DiMA about getting the memories back he doesn’t really clue you into the long drawn out mess you’d have to go through to get them. It’s really no wonder he didn’t go himself, he didn’t want to waste any of his centuries on this planet playing janky Mineportal. But to actually get there and be thrown head first into this completely different game that treats you like you’ve been playing it for 100+ hours, just because it only sort of mimics the mechanics of another system in the same mothership, is just insulting. DiMA’s fuck-all lack of insight is just frustrating (DiMA’s character is really sort of frustrating the hell out of me all together. He’s the laziest tragic hero ever.)

    And I’m not asking to be lead by the hand here, but what I am asking is to not randomly put a huge stumbling block in front of us without first explaining that the little bugs -for which no one talks about aside from some light tool tipping on exactly one of this minigames assests- have to get to the golden column and need to be defended from the laser shooting Phantasim orbs. No, instead you make me frustrated that I’m wasting 30+ minutes of my life trying to jump into the golden tube, making me think my game may be bugged (because you’ve reinforced that, that is always a possibility), when I should be playing a videogame, then force me to turn to the internet for help. And then, to top it off, insult my intelligence by having all of these levels be ridiculously easy after I figure out that top secret objective.

    And this is just punctuation on overall problem so many of us has about Fallout 4’s main game, especially the equally forced in settlement building that this steals from: they just lazily assume we know how to play this brand new game they’ve made up, because… I don’t know.. progress?

    The other thing that bothered me is the inability to autosave during it. Yeah, I could have exited, but it would exit the whole thing, and without anything telling me that my progress would be saved, it made me feel like I’d have to trek through that whole mess all over again. No thanks, I don’t care if staying up extra hours is going to kill my already fragile sleep cycle- I never want to do this again. Again, it just sort of threw you in suddenly and let you stumble around drunk. A game.. shit, a minigame, shouldn’t play like this.. especially not in the 3rd dlc of an existing game that’s from a company that should know better.

    Bravo Bethesda, if the mass of still existing bugs in the main game, or the fact that I’ve spent 4 5-hour+ sessions trying to get the Shipbreaker quest to trigger, wasn’t pissing me off enough, this may have just tipped me over the final edge.

  8. A

    Is there a code to insert on a PC that would bypass the whole DiMA memory schtick? I’d rather not waste hours playing with blocks, but hope to finish this quest and move on.

  9. D

    I thought the puzzles were okay. A bit of a curve once I learned you could store the blocks, but then it was just logic and following the path. Didn’t break me out of the immersion at all. And I’ve felt FAR Harbor was pretty comprehensive so far. Automatron was a joke, but FH has had some good ongoing adventure – new people, monsters, weapons and armor, etc. A+ from me.

  10. F

    Thank goodness for all the time I’ve played Zelda and POKeMON!!! I only needed help with this last memory, and it was the *picture* not the walkthrough that helped! of course, playing Lara Croft helped with the heights too!!

  11. S

    Your columns can “free float” too. You only need 2 blocks (1 code block and 1 decoder relay) to build the relay as high as you need. Try putting one on top of the other and then moving the bottom block to the top. It will hang without requiring a grounding block–it will successfully float and then you keep moving the bottom block to the top repeating until you are high enough. You may have a to play with which block needs to be on the bottom first (code or relay) but it’s easier than carting 3-4 code blocks to build up a relay. Makes it much faster.

  12. J

    i hate this puzzleis there no cheatto go around it

  13. I’ve run into a problem when I accessed DiMA’s terminal and immersed myself in the simulation. There are three items available in the simulation workshop—code blocks, turrets and relays…and I can’t build any of the relays because, despite having stored at least ten code blocks, I have zero code blocks. This doesn’t make a LICK of sense. The puzzle is impossible.

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