New Far Harbor Unique Weapons | Fallout 4

Far Harbor is the latest DLC for Fallout 4. It features a whole new area, along with all the stuff that entails, including a bunch of new unique weapons.
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Some of them are super effective, while others are little more than cool toys. This guide will show you all Far Harbor unique weapons, how to get them and what they do.

Lever Action Rifle

fallout 4 legendary lever action rifleThe Lever Action Rifle is a great weapon if you’re used to making every shot count. It has a slow firing speed, coupled with nice range and damage. You can get it pretty early on, if you’ve got some caps stashed away. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, take a look at our Lever Action Rifle guide for detailed instructions.


the striker unique weapon far harborThe Striker is a novelty weapon – a bowling ball launcher. This isn’t to say it’s useless, but it’s pretty situational. Making it viable takes work, but you’ll have a few laughs at the expense of your enemies either way. You can grab it near the town of Far Harbor, as soon as you leave for the first time. Make sure to check out our Striker Location guide if you’re looking to grab this weapon.

December’s Child

decembers child weapon fallout 4December’s Child is a semi-automatic rifle with a higher than normal firing and reload speed. It can serve your well no matter your play style – if you’re a confident, patient shooter, the reflex sight and decent damage will do right by you. If you’re more of a spray and pray type, the increased rate of fire and reload speed will suit you well. You can snag it during the Best Left Forgotten quest – if you need help with it, check out our December’s Child weapon guide.

Atom’s Judgement

atom's judgement fallout 4 far harborAtom’s Judgement is an over-the-top melee weapon. It’s a radioactive super-sledge, designed to irradiate what it doesn’t squish on first hit. It’s a definitive must-have for melee builds. You’ll get it as a reward for finishing The Heretic quest. If you need directions, take a look at our Atom’s Judgement guide.


bloodletter fallout 4 unique weapon far harborBloodletter is a large fishing hook on a stick. It may not seem like much, but it causes severe bleeding. You’ll receive it at the end of a chain of errands called Blood Tide. If you’d like to know more about it, or where to pick up the quest, check out our Bloodletter location guide.

Kiloton Radium Rifle

kiloton radium rifle fallout 4 far harborThe Kiloton Radium Rifle is one of the best weapons in the expansion. It’s a semi-auto with bullets that explode on impact AND irradiate targets. So you’ve got area-of-effect damage off the bat, along with damage over time from radiation. It’s a pretty great catch. You can buy it from a faction merchant at some point. If you want to know more, feel free to peruse our Kiloton Radium Rifle guide.


harvester weapon fallout 4 far harbor dlcRemeber those nifty little chainsaws from the vanilla game? The Harvester is exactly that, except it has a chance to stagger enemies. Combined with its ridiculous attack speed, this ability can let you stun-lock enemies, not even giving them the chance to defend themselves. You can find it in a ruined store in the western part of the map. For detailed directions, check out our Harvester Location guide.

Butcher’s Hook

fallout 4 butchers hook far harborThe Butcher’s Hook is a vicious claw weapon, silimar in design to the Deathclaw Gauntlet you’ve seen before. It has a special trait that lets it refill your action points after a critical hit. With a little planning and the right perks, this can let you chain together incredible combos. You can buy it from a solitary vendor in the central area of the map. If you don’t know how to reach him, take a look at our Butcher’s Hook guide.

Admiral’s Friend

admiral's friend fallout 4 dlcIf you’re itching to try out the harpoon guns, Admiral’s Friend is your friend. What sets it apart from others of its ilk is the ability to do double damage to targets at full health. It’s a perfect ambush weapon, but not all that good in close combat. It’s slow to fire, but does a bunch of damage. A certain merchant has it in his stock. If you want more info, be sure to check out our Admiral’s Friend guide.

Fish Catcher

fish catcher fallout 4 far harborA somewhat unremarkable fishing hook, similar in look to the Bloodletter. Its AP cost is really low, which allows for a lot of swinging. It only becomes worthwhile once you’ve upgraded it to pierce armor. If you want to start using it, take a look at our Fish Catcher guide beforehand.

Old Reliable

old reliable fallout 4 far harborOld Reliable is another lever action rifle. Unlike the one mentioned before it, this one has a special mod. Every time you squeeze the trigger, it will spit out an additional bullet. If you’re the type to socialize with synths, you can grab it from their chrome dome in the south-east. Our Old Reliable guide will show you the exact location and stats of the weapon.

Sergeant Ash

new unique weapons far harbor fallout 4Sergeant Ash is a flamethrower you can get from the synth merchant. It has a 20% chance to cripple one of the target’s legs. Thanks to the insanely high rate of fire, you’ll definitely cripple your every target before killing them, which makes things a lot easier. If you want detailed info on where to find it, check out our Sergeant Ash video guide.
We’ll update the guide with more weapons as we play through the DLC and discover them.