Far Harbor Guard Dog Companions location - Mishka, Gracie, Duke

Far Harbor Guard Dog companions – Mishka, Gracie and Duke are mutant dogs trained by the strange NPC Erickson. These animals have only one role – to protect your settlements.
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Horizon Flight Area 1207 is a new location in Fallout 4 Far Harbor, where you’ll find mutant animals and a scary-looking NPC with a wolf hat. This +1 Rads area is just southwest of Far Harbor. Once you discover this part of map, you’ll see a huge crashed airplane and the mutant NPC Erickson, who made his home inside these steel walls. His only companions are 3 animals – a wolf, mutant hound, and dog.

Far Harbor Companions

When you meet Erickson for the first time, he’ll ask you to put your weapon away, and start a conversation with you. In the conversation menu, you can choose between 4 options, and you should choose the option Stay Calm if you want to make a purchase. If you decide to kill him, you won’t be able to buy his animals.

These animals are not like any other companion in Fallout 4. They will not follow you like Dogmeat or fight on your side and help you defeat enemies, but you can use them to guard your settlements. Once you purchase a new animal, you can send it to one of your settlements. Each animal costs 250 Caps. You can choose between three different animals: Mishka (Wolf), Gracie (Mutant Hound) and Duke (Dog). You can buy any animal you like, but if you have already purchased a wolf for example, and you want to buy a wolf again, Erickson will ask you to wait one or two weeks, before he trains up another one.
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    If they’re not companions that follow you around, then I wouldn’t call them companions at all. At best they can be called settlers, but that still doesn’t fit. They’re gaurd dogs, like you can buy (or trap if you have the dlc) in the Commonwealth.

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    That’s definitely a bear hat, not a wolf.

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