Lever Action Rifle - Far Harbor | Fallout 4

Lever Action Rifle is one of the new weapons in Fallout 4. It was added in the Far Harbor DLC, and can be obtained pretty easily.
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It has a long range, with decent accuracy and damage output. You can buy the regular version from some of the new merchants, but there’s also a legendary variant that can be obtained through a quest. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get Lever Action Rifle in Far Harbor, its stats and what it looks like.

Lever Action Rifle Location

If you’re only looking to have fun with the lever-action system and don’t care much about the stats, you can get the regular version as a drop from random enemies. The easier way to get it is to just buy it from one of the traders in Far Harbor. Allen and Brooks both sell it – they can be found on the left side right after you enter the city.

However, if you want the best stats you can get, you should keep your eye out for a legendary version. We got the Two Shot Lever Action Rifle, which shoots an additional projectile, from a Legendary Mirelurk Queen. This happened during the Rite of Passage quest, where you go hunting for mirelurks. It might not be a guaranteed drop, but it’s worth checking out.



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