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Rescue Diver Suit is new gear that can be found in the latest Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC. This armor looks like an old scuba diving suite, but it’s very useful since the wearer gains the ability to breathe underwater and protection from radiation.
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Fallout 4 Far Harbor Rescue Diver Suit
Rescue Diver Suit

How to get Rescue Diver Suit

Rescue Diver Suit is a reward for completing the quest “The Changing Tide”. The starting NPC for this side quest is Brooks, who will ask you to help several people in Far Harbor – Small Bertha, Mitch, the Mariner (optional) and Captain Avery (optional). This quest is very important because helping Bertha and Mitch will unlock two new settlements, and the optional Captain Avery task gives you the Rescue Diver Suit.

The Changing Tide Quest Far Harbor Before you can start the quest, you’ll have to complete a quest chain that begins with the first main quest Far from home. All the quests from the chain take place in Far Harbor. In the list below, we’ll give you step by step instructions how to obtain this diving suit:

  1. Complete the first main quest Far from home.
  2. During the second main quest Walk in the Park, after completing objectives Defend the Hull and Talk to Captain Avery, you’ll get a side quest “Living on the Edge“.
  3. This quest consists of three objectives – Help the Mariner, Help Cassie Dalton and Help the citizens of Far Harbor, where each objective starts a new quest.
  4. Cassie Dalton will give you “Blood Tide” quest, while Mariner starts “Hull Breach“.
  5. Completing these two tasks will trigger the “Rite of Passage” side quest, which is the last quest in the chain, and once you finish it, “The Changing Tide” quest will start.
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