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Fusion Cores are fuel cells for Power Armor in Fallout 4. They are required for running the armor – if you’re out of juice, it will just stop working.
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This guide will show you where to find fusion cores in Fallout 4.

Fusion cores can be replaced without leaving the suit – you’ll just hear a sound and the core will replace itself with a spare. A full core will last for about an hour and a half, if all you do is run and walk.

Fallout 4 Fusion Core locations

Almost every Power Armor will come with a somewhat charged fusion core, so you usually don’t have to worry about starting it. There’s a gauge in the lower right corner of the Power Armor HUD, showing how much fuel you have left, and how many spare cores. They’re not rechargeable, so you’d best carry a few of them with you at all times.

Traders that sell Power Armor parts usually have some fusion cores in stock as well – the Brotherhood of Steel and Atomic Cats shopkeepers are among them. We still don’t know if you’ll have to be on good terms with them to use these shops, or will they sell to you regardless of status.

Always thoroughly search around Power Armor stations, and in camps where you fight enemies using these suits. They need the juice, so there’s a good chance some of it is just waiting to be found.

Check out Power Armors Locations that we have found so far.

  • If you break into the merchants’ houses in Diamond City, you’ll get plenty, like 5-9 in a few houses I looted (thanks a)
  • If you sell Fusion Cores before they run out, you will get enough money to buy a new one.
  • There is a glitch where you can steal unlimited power cores from an NPC. When you steal the first one, NPC will try to get out of the armor. In that moment just quicksave and reload. NPC will appear again with a new set of armor and a new power core. You will have to wait a few seconds to be able to pickpocket him again. (thanks ThePsuedoMonkey)
  • Crashed Vertibird (Covenant Lake) – In the lake under the water, near the Vertibird wreckage, look for T-51 Power Armor.
  • Graygarden – From the Graygarden head east. Location of this armor is on a highway bridge, next to an airplane wing. Before you can reach it, you have to find an elevator, that will take you to the top. Location of the elevator is marked on the screenshot.
  • Sanctuary Hills – Behind the Red Rocket gas station south-east of SH, in a Mole Rat den.
  • Robotics Disposal Ground – In a military chest next to a broken robot in RDG, north-east of Sanctuary Hills.
  • Concord – In the hole from which the Deathclaw emerges during When Freedom Calls.
  • Fort Hagen – One of the generators in Fort Hagen has a core you can steal.
  • Wreck of The FMS Northern Star – On the ground next to the ship. It’s guarded by relatively strong Mirelurk Razorclaws.
  • Mass Pike Interchange – The armor is near construction on the bridge.
  • Military Armor Transport (North Wilderness)
  • Military Armor Transport (Lexington)
  • Military APCs (near Poseidon Energy Turbine #18-F)
  • Military Checkpoint (Cambridge Outskirts)
  • Inside Fiddler’s Green Trailer Estates
  • Military Convoy (Training Yard) check the armor inside the wagon, near Finch farm.
  • National Guard Training Yard
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  1. D

    thanks for the info there is also a fusion core in the robotics disposal ground near the USAF satellite its in a crate box

    1. T

      There are a total of three at the robotic disposal yard. Turn on the sentry bot and kill it for the last two.

      1. U

        you can tell him to self distruct with the terminal in the office

        1. O

          Yeah, go to the terminal and choose the play tape option to activate the sentrybot, then once it’s up and running go back into the play tape option and choose self destruct. After self destruct the sentrybot wreckage will have 2 fusion cores that can be looted along with some other useful stuff like a military-grade circuit board.

      2. M

        you can also let him help you as companion

  2. V

    There is also one in the area of the first quest you do with the brotherhood.The one against the Synch you and the Paladin.But you cant take it because you cant end the quest if you remove it, so you have to return there later and take it.

    1. B

      you actually can, i’ve done that quest and i was able to take the fusion core.

    2. O

      The one down in the bottom of Arcjet systems? I just took it and ended the quest fine. Maybe your game glitched. You have to exit the building via the elevator to end this quest and the game often glitches when using elevators. Just ensure to save the game before leaving the building and then reload and try again if it goes wrong.

  3. G

    Can you craft fushion cores

  4. D

    For me, the big robot at Robotics Disposal Ground is glitched, so if you go inside the shed and activate him through the terminal you can just attack him until he dies, he doesn’t fight back unless he wedges free (I think this happens when you melee him a lot or use a lot of explosives) he dropped 2 fusion cores for me

    1. J

      or u can just go back to the console and set the self destruct 🙂

  5. J

    Only thing I found in the lunchbox in Concord was gum drops.

    1. J

      not actually in the lunchbox but right next to it.

      1. M

        There wasn’t anything there I found a lunch box with a noodle cup but no core

      2. C

        Jamie do youhave to be in the mission to get the core

  6. T
    Tyson turk

    Dude not cool there is no fucking core at fort Hagen !!!!

    1. W

      Yes there is, there are also 3 in a locker in Fort Hagen.

      Look more.

  7. V

    @Dentka to my version is not glitched .After i attacked him one times he start to fight back ( and killed me)

  8. V

    @Dentka edit he start to attack if you hit him with a hand attack ( or the hit with the weapon) otherwise yes he just sit there

  9. A

    if you break into the merchants’ houses in diamond city, you’ll get plenty, like 5-9 in a few houses i looted

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      Thank you for the tip!

  10. B

    There is also one in the super duper mart in Lexington. You are sent there with one of the Brotherhood of Steel quests. In the power generator just before you go down the stairs.

  11. D

    Fort hagen after the long hallway at the bottom go right into a bunk room in the trunk at the far right bed there is 3 fusion cores

  12. C

    behind the Red Rocket truck stop walk down the hill and theres a small hole in the edge of the hill walk into it walk forward then go right there will be a brocken nuclear generator with a fusion core in front of it (Rad-X is suggested cave is fill with toxic waste areas)

  13. V
    Vampiric ODST

    I found a crate of 4 near the national guard training area. Dogmeat sniffed it out.

  14. P

    There’s also one at Greenetech Genetics, as soon as you take the elevator to the top floor, head for the staircase. Don’t take the stairs, there is a door to the left that you can lockpick to open and get a fusion core from that room.

  15. T

    Weston water treatment plant in shack next to plant in ammo can (4) cores

  16. C

    Thanks, I was going nuts trying to find a replacement. I’d also like to know if the Fuel-Cells (I have about 200 of them ) can be used to charge a run down Fusion Core.

  17. L

    Behind the white building up on the hill behind the Federal Ration Stockpile

  18. L

    – Ammo chest in bottom level of shack at Cutler Bend
    – Top level of the shack on the roof of Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant
    – Bottom level on a shelf behind a secured door (computer access to unlock) at Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant
    – In an office room with a safe on the bottom level of Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant

  19. L

    Also some in the crew’s footlockers on the Prydwen.

  20. L

    3 x in the office right at the top of the Prydwen in an ammo box.

  21. M
    Mark Callanan

    One in dustbin news carpark behind supadupa in Lexington

  22. A

    Who is the NPC that you steal them from?

  23. T

    In the back right area of the Super Duper Mart in Lexington there is a generator with a Fusion Core that can be removed.

  24. D
    Dragon age of fallout

    Hey how come I found T45 instead of t51

  25. D
    Dragon age of fallout

    At covernant lake

  26. J

    I found on in Layton towers in the bottom floor I believe. It was near the room with the washers and driers.

  27. M

    The Mayoral Bunker has two. One in a crate on the first of second floor, then one in the generator room next to the gym. There’s a mini nuke there as well. And a heartbreaking halo tape. Just be prepared for an onslaught of Synth’s after you grab the mini nuke and core.

  28. R
    rob gookin

    1 in mass fusion containment shed between general atomics gallery and greentop nursery

  29. R
    rob gookin

    3 in vault 75 under maulden middle school just west of greentop nurseries watch out for sythe and super mutants on way to school

  30. J
    Jack daniels

    Join the brotherhood of steal early in the game and you can still go back to the institute later but the brotherhood gives you a set of t-60 power armour and do a couple brotherhood quest and you will get access to the giant blimp and explore the giant blimp the whole thing and there are fusion cores laying around everywhere up there for free to I have close to 10 fusion cores just from exploring the blimp and doing brotherhood quest. GOOD LUCK ! Take this advice !

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