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Power Armor T-60 is one of the models of power armor in Fallout 4. It has better damage and energy resistance than previous models, so if you’re a user, you’ll want to upgrade as soon as you can. This guide shows you where to find T-60 power armor in Fallout 4, how to get all five pieces and their stats.

fallout 4 power armor t-60 location

T-60 Power Armor Location

There are two factions using this model – the Brotherhood of Steel and the Atom Cats. You can get the power armor from them by buying it, stealing it or even for free, if you do them enough favors.

When you’ve progressed enough through the main story, Brotherhood aircraft will start appearing. If you join them, you’ll get a T-60 for free after a while (when you get knighted) – available for pick-up on their zeppelin. Even if you don’t join, you can buy parts from Proctor Teagan, who is aboard the skyship as well.

The Atom Cats are at the Atom Cats Garage from the start, but they’ll want some favors done before their shopkeeper, Rowdy, decides to let you browse her power armor pieces. If you’re not interested in having a good relationship with the gang, you could always steal what you need.

Most of a T-60 set can be found in Fiddler’s Green Trailer Park (thanks to Liam for the tip). Go to the office building under the sign, and either hack the terminal or pick the lock on the safe to get the trailer key. Look for the yellow trailer with an orange line north of the office. The armor is inside, but you’ll have to be over a certain level, or you’ll get the T-51 instead.

T-60 Power Armor Stats

The T-60 is a direct upgrade from the T-51 – there’s literally no reason not to go for it, unless you dislike the appearance for some reason. Here’s what the stats look like:

Complete Set9806451050
Left Arm13085150
Right Arm13085150
Left Leg13085150
Right Leg13085150

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  1. L
    Liam Johnson

    You can also find an almost complete set of t60 armour at “fiddlers green trailer estates” it only is missing right arm and leg. You have to unlock a trailer through a terminal in the main building

    1. B

      You can also find a near complete set in the National Guard Training Yard in one of the outside storage rooms locked by a termal and guarded by some feral ghouls. After you get the armor you will be attacked by a Sentry bot as you leave so be prepared!

      1. L

        I went there before seeing this comment, and found a t-45b chest. that was all 🙁

        1. G
          Gosu No0b

          You need to be high enough level to find t-60 there

          1. D

            Or just rob the atom cats

      2. P

        When I went in there I got the X-01

      3. B

        I was wandering around on my way to a settlement I had to unlock for Preston Garvey and the Minutemen (sounds like a pop music group… ^^) when I passed the National Guard Training Yard. After my first passage there I didnt notice the power armor. I had to go back there later in the game for a settlement quest (clear the feral ghouls there) and there it was on the training grounds (you’ll have to look for it, not going to disclose it’s location). Didn’t get ambushed by a sentry bot.Who knows I was lucky, maybe the sentry robot is a random encounter at certain level? My second passage there was lvl +30 btw. The famous X-01 at the ’35 Point’ is also only found when your lvl is high enough (lvl +25-ish)

      4. M

        This armour set seems to randomly reconfigure when you load.

        When I first arrived the armour set in National Guard Armour was a FULL SET OF T-60+ Power Armour. I reloaded a quicksave and suddenly it became a T-60 (no +) set with an arm and a leg missing. Reload again and two arms missing missing (still no +). This game is programmed to penalise you for loading quicksaves.

        1. I

          The same thing happened to me. I am now missing both left and right arm as well as one leg.

  2. A

    There is a suit minus legs at the Federal Ration Stockpile in a truck. Theres a mostly complete set between Nordhagen Beach and Fort Strong if you are high enough level.

  3. J

    I also found the chest, 2 arms, and helmet of t60 armor at the National Guard Training Yard

  4. J

    I also just found only the helmet and chest of a t45 at fidlar green trailer Estates with a fusion core, in that locked trailer and I am lol 23 when I found bother the t60 and t45 so it mus to have set locations with random prices at each

  5. T

    When you ‘dig’ with ‘Bobby’ you can go another way and fight a Mirlurk king to age all but legs too.

  6. T

    Got into the trailer through the window at green trailer estates, took the armor and fast traveled out. Never unlocked the door.

  7. T

    BTW lookin for t60 legs. Where can I find them?

  8. A

    I’ve also found a suit of power armor at s.boston military checkpoint locked by a terminal on the side of the building

  9. B

    When you have pickpocket maxed out. You can steel a power armor from a Bos patrol. When u see a vertibird dropping off 1 knight in t60 power armor and 2 BoS soldiers. Follow the knight pickpocket the fusion code. The Knight will get out of the power armor. Wait till they get out off sight get in theorie armor and fast travel away. I got a collection at my home base.

  10. I

    I’ve picked up 4 sets of BOS T60 off of dead guys killed in their little battles with groups of Super Mutants. I haven’t seen any after BOS fights with raiders or gunners, just a dead scribe.

  11. T

    Can u take the frames from raiders after u kill them?

  12. T

    BTW this site has been the most helpful I’ve found. Good job guys.

  13. M

    I took one from the atom cats guy duke when i was below level 10! met him again and he wasn’t hostile! (though i pick-pocketed his cloth so he walks in boxers)

  14. U

    I got one by accident…Was putting MILA on the top of the Mass Bay Medical Center…after putting it in place – took the window washing elevator down – stopped – killed couple of Gunners – and ended up on the highway leading North towards Goodneighbor. Was overloaded and w/o much health – so on the highway, when spotted a couple of guys – sniped them from maximum distance…and discovered that I killed a couple of Brotherhood duded – and one of them had T-60 BOS II complete armor…So – I took it 🙂

  15. R

    I found one in diamond city ?

  16. P

    Damn I probably went to the trailer park to soon as a level 17 and found the T5* instead

  17. A
    Ak 57

    I helped paladin danse kill the synths in the first mission for him and I got the ritcheous authority I had deacon with me but I wanted to kill danse so I could get the t60 he had on I would been able to kill him most likely but I didn’t know what would happen so I didn’t I might go back to an earlier save and try but if you can kill him that would have to be the easiest way to get t60

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