How to get inside Parsons State Insane Asylum in Fallout 4

Parsons State Insane Asylum is a very interesting location in Fallout 4. It contains two valuable collectibles – Charisma Bobblehead and Massachusetts Surgical Journal. It is also part of a very interesting side quest chain that rewards you with unique weapons Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun or Zeta Gun. In all probability you will also acquire some Mysterious Serum, which is a consumable that removes 36000 rads and provides +50 damage resistance and +5 STR. Quests involved in gaining access to Parsons are part of the Secret of the Cabot House side quest chain and are Special Delivery, Emogene Takes a Lover and The Secret of Cabot House. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Parsons State Insane Asylum Fallout 4

Special Delivery

To even start the side quest chain you have to be at least level 10 and you have to have come across Parsons State Insane Asylum during your travels and kill the mercenaries there. Nothing will happen at that exact moment though and you will not be able to unlock the door to enter Parsons. From then on a ghoul named Edward Deegan might pop up in one of the following places: Dugout Inn in Diamond City, Colonial Taphouse in Diamond City, The Third Rail in Goodneighbor or Bunker Hill (next to the monument). You can actively visit all of these places to initiate the meeting with Deegan, or if you continue your adventure and come across any of these places Deegan will talk to you on his own (if he’s there). I found him at night at Bunker Hill.

Update: If you have high Charisma, you can start this quest by going to Cabot house (a bit west from Pickman Gallery) and using the intercom. Deegan will answer – just insist he lets you in (thanks to Seriuse for the tip).
He will give you the Special Delivery quest that requires you to visit the Cabot House where you’ll find out more about the story behind this side quest. You will have to clear a raider camp and retrieve a Mysterious Serum for Jack. If your Charisma is high enough you might be able to lie to Jack Cabot about the serum and keep some for yourself, or you can just hand it over to him. If you give up the serum you will be rewarded an additional 50 bottlecaps (not that worth it compared to the value of the serum itself). Try to be nice to Jack and agree to the things he says, because that will determine whether you will be able to get a Unique weapon as reward at the end of the chain.

Emogene Takes a Lover

You are in search for Jack’s sister Emogene. This is a pretty straightforward quest that first takes you to The Third Rail in Goodneighbor. You can talk to Magnolia, the singer,about Emogene. If you have high enough charisma you might even flirt and get into a one night stand with Magnolia (but that’s besides the point). Sister seems to have joined a cult. Go to Charles View Amphitheater and there are several ways to resolve the situation. You can just go hostile on the cult’s leader and kill him and his followers. Loot his office key to unlock Emogene. You can also sneak behind the Amphitheater and picklock the door. You can choose to join the cult, but that will mean that you have to turn over all your clothes and weapons.

The Secret of Cabot House

Quest chain ends with this quest. We’ve written a detailed guide about The Secret of Cabot House quest since it involves several choices for you to make, so I recommend you check that out. The point is that early on in the quest Jack Cabot will open the door to Parsons State Insane Asylum. Follow him for just a bit longer and you will reach Jack’s office, containing the charisma Bobblehead. At the end of the quest, if you played your cards right you might be rewarded Lorenzo’s Artifact Gun. Details about all that are in the guide linked above.
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  1. S

    You don’t have to kill the mercs to get the ghoul to spawn. I found the asylum and they all told me to leave. So I left. No shots fired. Went to Bunker Hill for a mission and the ghoul was standing there. He talked to me and the questline started.

    1. C

      You can start “Special Delivery” after joining the railroad.. Do a mission and they send you to Cabot house and then to insane asylum no need to kill mercs or anything of the sort

  2. S

    I just found Cabout house and talked into a speaker at the door, after i succeded a speach check he let me in and i started the quest that way.
    I had never been at or heard about Parsons State Insane Asylum before he told me to go there.

  3. B

    its best just to go to the Cabout house

  4. I

    I started the mission to go to the insane asylum however, the captain Maria just shoots me on site 🙁 have i fked the mission up? i need that last bobblehead

    1. S

      i tried it a couple of different ways, but the thing w/ maria seems to be that you have to attack her in way that would kill any other NPC but that leaves her health at zero but still alive. she slumps to the ground, then gets up, and then you can initiate a dialog about the package, and she doesn’t shoot you.

  5. D

    So you’re telling me a ghoul will come talk to me in diamond city? Where ghouls are hated and not allowed in?

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      I think you are thinking of synths. Ghouls are welcome to Diamond City.

      1. M

        Nope, the Mayor kicked all the Ghouls out years ago, as mentioned numerous times by various characters throughout the game.

  6. E

    So I got as far as getting Emogene walking back to Cabot, and the place explodes around us!!! No joke there was an explosion, I broke my right arm, Codswealth was out of commission, and all but 3 people (including Thomas) are now dead…no idea how that happened. Anyone know?

  7. V
    Viacheslav (Russia)

    I had to replay the mission from an hour back saving… as soon as i approached the man from the sect i commenced a dialogue with him and i acted as a bully, he was pushed by me verbally and stepped aside leaving me to open the door where he kept the girl. When i got into the small building i saw the empty room and no auspicious loot nor objects, the guide mark on the map was leading to the Cabot’s mention. Well i had nothing to do and a lot of time on my hand so i went there and found that there was a double mark, one was on the Cabot’s house, and the 2nd was at the second floor(could be the 3rd, the top floor anyway, the door that was locked!!! like the girl must be already there and no NPCs were able to continue reasonable dialogue about the found or to be found girl!!! Like the girl was not there nor found! I thought that it could be possible for her to escape and run away from the room when her boyfriend unlocked from that captivity, and really i could not notice her because i was looting&stealing stuff behind the corner. I presume that most of important NPCs are immortal but then why did not she show up at the mention after me waiting 10 ingame hours (sat on the chair). if anyone got the same issue, let me know via email: boxrussia@yandex dot com

    1. A

      I got the same thing

  8. R
    Robin Rönnqvist

    im stuck in parsons state basement. jumped down into the hole and the elevator just takes me down to the basement and i have no key to unlock the door there. cant jump back up trough the hole. what to do?
    cant load game, used all the autosave slot up

    1. B

      use a grenade to kill yourself if your last autosave is before you went down the hole

      1. R
        Robin Rönnqvist

        I havent got a autosave before i went down. Only a save 28 h before:( took me long time to realize i was stuck

    2. N

      Haha same here. I still have a save just before this part thankfully. But SGA to anyone else.

      1. A

        But even if the save is before the hole, how to get the key??!!!

    3. R

      I was stuck too. Then I used a molotov to kill myself. I threw it at the locked door but It didn’t kill me but the door opened! Yeah!

      1. R

        That didn’t help. The other elevator is out of order! What now?

  9. J

    How come I’m trying to talk to Edward degaa nit keeps saying individual busy o went a did a million quest and came back still won’t talk to me to do the quest

  10. A

    In the end choose to kill Lorenzo because you can get both gamma guns. You just have to goto the vabot house right after you kill Lorenzo don’t talk to jack cabot yet just goto the cabot house. And in jacks research lab the zeta gun is there and you can talk to jack cabot to get the Lorenzo’s artifact gun too

  11. E

    There’s a way to solve ‘Emogene Takes a Lover’ through the dialog with the cult leader and without giving away all of your stuff. I have pretty high charisma and agreed to sign up for the cult but just when he wanted me to get rid of my belongings I said something like no way I’m going to do that. Cult leader said something like ‘Fine, leave now’ and after that I was able to talk about Emogene and that I need to talk to her. He opened the door to the back and after speaking to her all of us left the cult grounds without shooting.

  12. R

    I’m stuck in the basement also. No saves before. Have to start over I guess. Fucking bethesda

    1. M

      Yeah, stupid Bethesda for you not saving. They are so stupid for building a feature that allows you to save your progress.

      1. B

        I think he was referring to it being stupid for it to be so easy to end up in points were you’re fucked if you don’t have a recent save just because you went a certain direction and got permanently stuck.
        I agree.

        I save obsessively for this reasons like this cause I know these situations are not uncommon in Bethesda games due to either level design, or more commonly, clipping issues.
        Annoying, but in all fairness I still play the shit out of their games.

        Also, Deegan found me in Bunker Hill without me ever even discovering the asylum or Cabot house in my first playthrough.
        He just says something about you looking like you can handle yourself. The only requirement for him to show up is level.
        Killing guards at the Asylum first just spices up the dialogue.

  13. L

    If you are stuck, and for some reason didn’t bother to turn on autosave (ALWAYS turn on autosave in beth games) you can use console commands to teleport yourself out of it (assuming you are playing the best version, the PC version).

  14. Z

    I cannot get the quest to start. I have already beaten the main story line, and used charisma to enter the Cabot House. Edward is there, but whenever I talk to him all he says is “Yeah?” with no dialogue prompts. I talked to Jack and tried every single dialogue prompt. He told me his father is at the asylum and such but still I cannot start any of the quests no enter the asylum because it requires the key. Help?

  15. E
    El Joey

    Spawn a jetpack from the help menu if you get stuck down in the basement. Am still stumped about this key to final door business though … phooey!

  16. I just rescued a kidnapped settler and was told to check out the asylum.

  17. Z

    a settler was told me “dont go” to the asylum. but the quest say “investigate” the asylum.
    when i kill the settler, i found synth component on him. WTF..

  18. L

    I haven’t found the asylum or killing anyone. I did find Cabot House, and was told to go away. Then I retook the castle and went to Diamond City. Edward found me in the Dugout Inn.

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