Islander's Almanac Locations - Far Harbor

Islander’s Almanac is a brand new magazine available in the latest Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC. This magazine consists of 5 issues scattered all over the map.
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The second issue unlocks a perk that increases VATS chance against animals, while the other issues are recipes that can be used at Chemistry Station, POI map markers. After collecting all issues, players will unlock Islander’s Almanac Achievement / Trophy. This video and screenshot guide will show you where to find all issues of Islander’s Almanac.

Islander’s Almanac #1

At the very beginning of the game in the Far Harbor, you’ll find the first magazine issue “Far Harbor Sightseer’s Guide” inside The Last Plank shack. Once inside, across from the entrance, you’ll find a book on a small table in the corner. It unlocks POI map markers across the island.

Islander’s Almanac #2

The fourth issue “Children of atom expose” is hidden in the Acadia building. From the entrance, turn right and go down the stairs. In the first floor room, you’ll find the magazine on a desk. You receive 10% less damage from Radiation based attacks.

Islander’s Almanac #3

The second issue can be found in the Brooke’s Head Lighthouse. Go up the stairs until you reach the fourth floor, then turn left. Use the wooden ladders that lead into a room at the top of the Lighthouse. Search the room, and you’ll find the first issue on the wooden table next to a vase. This issue unlocks a perk that gives you 5% higher VATS chance against animals you are in combat with.

Islander’s Almanac #4

The next issue Recipe Roundup is hidden in the ruined National Park Visitor’s Center. From the main entrance, turn right into a Gift Shop, where you’ll find the book on a counter. This time, you’ve unlocked Sludge based recipes at the Chemistry Station.

Islander’s Almanac #5

The last one, “Pincer Dodge“, is in the Northwood Ridge Quarry, west of the Cranberry Island Bog. Drop down and head inside. From the entrance, follow the tunnel and turn right. Use wooden stairs, and the last issue can be found on the table in a small log cabin. You take 5% less damage from Mirelurk melee attacks.

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